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5 Advantages Of Using A Saddle Stool At Your Salon

When it comes to working at the salon, you can’t just throw a pair of scissors into your bag and hope it works out. You need the best salon tools available for a reliable job.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 advantages of using a saddle stool that just might help to make up your mind! So, whether you’re a hair stylist, makeup artist, or esthetician, read on to see why a saddle stool could be the perfect addition to your workstation.

What Is A Saddle Stool?

A saddle stool is a chair with a raised seat and no backrest or armrests. The name comes from the seat resembling a horse’s saddle. Saddle stools are often used in medical settings such as doctor’s offices, but they are also gaining popularity in salons and spas.

Its ergonomic design promotes good posture by aligning the spine and hips and opening up the chest. This can help to reduce pain in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. In addition, saddle stools are easy to move around as they have a small footprint. They are also lightweight and portable, so they can be easily taken from one station to another.

Let’s look at the advantages of using one in your salon in detail.

Benefits Of Using A Saddle Stool At Your Salon

1. It Is Comfortable

Let’s face it — sitting is the most common thing people do when visiting a salon or spa. However, if you are spending most of your time sitting, you probably don’t feel very comfortable or relaxed. If you spend your time doing uncomfortable things, then you’re not going to be happy when you do your job — treating your clients to a relaxing massage or other treatments.

A comfortable seat is essential to a great salon, and the saddle stool gives you just what you need. It offers support, comfort, and stability. There are also several different models of saddle stools available. You can find a model that’s the right size for your salon and has the right look to fit your aesthetic.

So, the first significant benefit of using a saddle stool is its comfort. When it comes to sitting down for long periods, there is no better option than a saddle stool. You’ll find that you can sit back and relax without worrying about pain or stiffness in your back.

For example, the material of a saddle stool is designed to distribute your weight evenly, so there is no pressure on any one area.

The size and height of a saddle stool can also be adjusted to fit your needs. This means that you can find a model that is the perfect fit for your salon and your clients.

2. Offers Convenience To You And Your Client

The adjustable height feature of a saddle stool is very beneficial as you can adjust it according to your height and your client’s height. For example, if you are shorter, you can adjust the height of the stool so that you don’t have to strain your back while working.

Also, when shampooing your client, you can lower the height of the stool so that it is comfortable for both of you. Your clients will appreciate not having to crane their necks while you work awkwardly. TASALONS‘ saddle stool has a superior-quality chrome gas lift mechanism that ensures smooth and easy height adjustment.

3. Easier To Maintain

When using a standard desk or chair, hair stylists must clean it often. If the chair gets too grimy, they’ll have to give it a good scrubbing to get rid of dirt and germs. In fact, some people even use a special cleaner to clean their desks. However, when using a saddle stool, there’s no need to take the time to wash the entire thing. Simply wipe it down with a wet cloth to keep it neat and fresh.

This means you won’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning your station. Instead, you can focus on other tasks, such as serving your clients.

TASALON saddle stool has sturdy construction and wheels, so you can easily roll it from place to place. In addition to the 360-degree rotation, the smooth roller blade wheels will enable you to move about without having to stand up. The hair-stickless wheel design is great for those who want to keep their floors clean and free of hair. Isn’t it great how a saddle stool can make your life easier?

4. Increases Productivity

Salon professionals can be on their feet for long periods of time. This can lead to fatigue, which can decrease productivity. A saddle stool helps to reduce fatigue by taking the pressure off of the lower back, neck, and shoulders. This allows you to work more efficiently without feeling pain or discomfort.

Since the saddle stool promotes good posture, it can also help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, which is common in salon professionals who work with their hands.

5. Gives Your Salon A Stylish Look

The furniture is one of the first things customers notice when they enter your salon. In most cases, that furniture can reflect your salon’s image, which is always something to consider. When your salon has clean, sleek furnishings, customers feel like they’re in an upscale, classy place.

It’s no secret that most salons look somewhat un-stylish these days. The reason is simple; most hairstylists and estheticians sit in uncomfortable chairs with an old-fashioned-looking table. They can easily look outdated, which is definitely not an excellent way to present yourself as a professional, stylish salon.

Also, the saddle stool shape resembles the contours of a horse’s back, which can add an element of elegance to your salon. Horse riding is considered a luxurious activity, so it’s only natural that the furniture in your salon would reflect that.

In short, saddle stools can help give your salon a more stylish look that will appeal to customers.

 “The Case For Saddle Seats: Are Saddle Seats Good For Your Back”

If you’re like most people, you probably think of saddle seats as being uncomfortable. However, there are actually many benefits to using a saddle seat, especially if you have back pain. Saddle seats can help to take the pressure off of your spine and improve your posture. In addition, they can also increase circulation and reduce muscle tension.


Saddle seats are uncomfortable

Saddle seats are uncomfortable, and they can cause back pain. That’s why many people believe that saddle seats are bad for your back. But there is some evidence to suggest that saddle seats might actually be good for your back. A study published in The Spine Journal found that people who rode on saddle seats had less lower back pain than those who rode on traditional bicycle seats.


There are many benefits to using a saddle seat

If you spend a lot of time sitting down, whether at work or at home, you may want to consider using a saddle seat. Saddle seats are designed to help improve your posture and take the pressure off of your back and spine. There are many benefits to using a saddle seat, including: -Improved posture: When you sit on a regular chair, your pelvis tilts backward and your lower back rounds. This can lead to slouching and further rounded shoulders.


Saddle seats can help take the pressure off your spine and improve posture

The seated position is one of the most common posture types throughout the day. It’s estimated that we spend around 9 hours a day sitting, which can have negative consequences on our health if not done correctly. One way to help alleviate some of these issues is by using a saddle seat. Saddle seats are designed to take the pressure off your spine and improve posture by forcing you to sit up straighter. They can also be helpful for people who suffer from lower back pain or Sciatica as they help reduce pressure on the nerves in these areas.


In addition, they can also increase circulation and reduce muscle tension

As someone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk, I know how important it is to have a good chair. A comfortable chair can make all the difference in your energy levels and productivity. So when I heard about saddle seats, I was intrigued. I did some research and found that saddle seats can actually be really good for your back. In addition, they can also increase circulation and reduce muscle tension. This makes them ideal for people who sit at desks for long periods of time like me.

Buy Saddle Stool For Your Salon From TASALON – Here’s Why!

If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable saddle stool, the TASALON ergonomic saddle stool may be a good choice due to the following reasons:

● Durable and made to last

● Premium AAA aluminum base

● High-density memory foam seat

● Adjustable height to fit your needs

● Removable wheels for ease of mobility

The customer reviews are also very positive. Some customers have even said it’s the best saddle stool they’ve ever used! Here are some of the reviews about TASALON saddle stool.

”This stool is very comfortable and made durably. My daughter stole it from my shop and put it in front of her bathroom mirror to do her makeup. I guess I need to buy another. It comes mostly assembled. It took only a few minutes to put together.” Jason S.

”I have many problems with both legs and need both knees replaced. This stool is great! I can roll around to cook, wash dishes, fold clothes, etc., and my legs are not so painful.”  AC

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