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Need Salon Towels for Your California Salon?

If you have a salon in California and have been looking for a high quality towels, you have come to the right place. We at the Tasalon have a vast inventory of high-grade towels manufactured specifically for salon use. Their fabric is soft and absorbent which makes them functional. Made of bleach-safe fabric and comfortable, these towels are perfect for an after-shampoo rinse, post-pedicure pat-down, and more.

Plush white towels bring a comfy, warm feel to any salon interior, but they are more than décor. They’re practical and an essential part of all salons.

And you aren’t limited to just one color either! Although most of our clients go for white, we also have them available in other colors, so you can pick and choose. Check out our collection and stock up on some of the finest towels for your salons and spas.