Buy Salon Trays for Your California Gig

You can’t call a salon well-furnished and well-equipped if you don’t have salon trays and trolleys in there. If you own a salon in California and want it to be furnished to the T, you want a salon tray or two in there—and we’ve got some on sale!

Whether you need a tray for chemical hair coloring or something else, you can find a versatile, portable salon tray at Tasalon at amazing rates. They come with a sturdy stand that will last you many years, and their stainless steel is designed for extra longevity. They also have adjustable height, which makes working much easier for you and the salon experience far smoother for your customer. If you want a flat, clean, convenient area for salon work, a salon tray is where you’re going to get it. Finally, it has wheels attached which make it super portable to move easily around the salon!