Standing Ionic Hair Dryer with 3 Temperature Settings


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This hooded hair dryer is a multifunctional machine with hair perm, caring, coloring, heating, drying, and hair setting, which reduces the damage to hair and help you achieve the best possible experience.

Ionic hooded hair dryer

Why Choose TASALON Ionic Hooded Hair Dryer?

It is no matter commercial business or family, which is a perfect hood dryer for you.

TASALON professional bonnet hair dryer stand features a built in ionic generator.It generates millions of negative ions that help to lock hydration into hair resulting in smoother, shinier, more polished-looking hair shafts.

This hooded hair dryer is a multifunctional machine with hair perm, caring, coloring, heating, drying, and hair setting, which reduces the damage to hair and help you achieve the best possible experience.

  • 5 New Hair Resistant Castors
  • 3 Temperature Modes
  • Tourmaline Ionic On/Off Switch




Control Panel

Adjustable 3 temperatures and 60-minute timer, 2-speed motor for different needs, offering efficient and professional hair-drying experience.

Height Adjustment

The pole can be adjusted from 48″ to 63″ for easy assembly and disassembly.The angle of the hood can also be adjusted according to your position.

Innovative Cord Organizers

The cord of the hair dryer can be easily tidied up by coil spool. Convenient and space saving.

Sit Under Hair Dryer for Home and Salon
  • Color: Grey
  • Power: 1000W
  • Height Range: 48”- 63”
  • Timer Range: 0–60 min.
  • Package Size: 23.6”×17”×17”
  1. Dusted🪄Dusted🪄

    This Ionic hooded hair dryer is huge and appears to be designed to accommodate all head sizes. It is well made, fairly simple to assemble, and only took about 30 minutes to put it together. I was actually impressed with how sturdy it feels and how quiet it is when in use.The hood is bulky but the large wide legs balance the weight and I haven’t had any issues with tipping. The hood and height is easily adjustable and the wheels makes move across floors and short pile carpets with ease. The unit looks heavy but its fairly light especially if you remove the hood from the base. It’s simple to do and once detached; it is very easy to transport.The cord is not excessively long but its adequate for reaching the outlet. The control knobs function well and the dryer works well with drying my thick coarse hair. The high, med, low and temperature options all work as intended. It feels more of cool/warm mix of air but its acceptable and probably healthier for my hair.I am very pleased with this hooded dryer as I have locs and it works perfectly in drying my hair after a re-twist. I don’t use the ion function due to the way my hair is styled so I can’t attest to its effectiveness. Great product and I would recommend to others.

  2. Anita Taco

    I never realized how much this would come in handy! I like to dye my hair fashion colors and since developer is not used with those, I will sit under this and bake it into my hair pretty much. It makes a much longer lasting bright color. A happy extra, if the dye is dry when you wash it out, there’s no color to stain the tub at all. So far I like this thing and I would recommend it!!

  3. Tamara BrooksTamara Brooks

    Convenient and drys fast

  4. Emily

    This is a great hair dryer. The only problem I have is how much room it takes up, I didn’t consider that before getting it and it just takes up a lot more space than I thought it would and you can really break it down and make it smaller to get it out of the way. So works great, just make sure you have the room for it!

  5. Yakki

    So my husband thinks that it looks like something from Predators & Aliens our something like that. I have to agree that it’s hideous and my daughter thought the same when I put her under it. But I’ve been intersected in one for a long time just to see if there was any difference from my other standing hood dryer and there are a few benefits. I like that the temperature can be adjusted, the levels can be adjusted and also there’s a timer so I don’t have to watch it constantly. It was easy to set up, just wish it went a little lower. Overall, it’s quiet and doesn’t make the house hot so I like it.

  6. nikitanikita

    I wish I had gotten this sooner, this stand alone bonnet hairdryer is everything. I can set the timer and deep condition my hair with much more ease than other methods I have used. The dryer works so well and it isn’t too loud!

  7. Xylm

    This is an easy to set up device, it comes with essentially the bottom half of an office chair that it stands on and a handful of interconnected bits between there and the hood itself, which can be adjusted up and down to fit your seating needs. I wouldn’t put that much weight on the bottom though as it’s not one big piece, it’s several pieces clearly intended for not much more weight than the device itself.The drying power is impressive, it puts out a lot of air that’s not uncomfortably hot even on its highest setting, a very dry, warm air. The low mode is moderately loud, substantially louder than a fan but a lot quieter than your average blow drier, from the outside that is, the high mode on the other hand sounds like a bit of a low powered vacuum running or something.The household member using this loves it though, she can sit under it and read on her kindle or something after a shower, and it warms her whole person, it’s likely to see a lot of use come winter as our heating isn’t the best.It’s easy to roll around, though, if a bit awkward to pick up and move from the linoleum to the carpet for example, it’s just a little top heavy, so you need to be reasonably careful. It’s also kind of hard to decide where to put it since assembly is a semi-permanent situation, like with a piece of furniture, you CAN take it apart but it’s probably not advisable, so be ready to have a permanent home for it somewhere that you plan to use it regularly to avoid the clutter and the trouble of moving it too much. On tile or other smooth floors it rolls around effortlessly though.This is a pretty solid option for a professional style drying.

  8. Jazz wright ⭐️

    Easy assembly light weight not to loud drys hair fast I love that it’s moble with wheels highly recommend

  9. Kayla

    I can’t believe I’ve never gotten one. I do my hair at home and this is going to be such a life saver. The quality is impeccable it was easy to set up and simple to use. I love the timer on it it give a loud ding so you know times up.

  10. Brandi FBrandi F

    I was very excited for this as I tend to avoid hair dryers because they just add to my frizz problem. The dryer arrived securely packaged, and it is a bit heavy. Putting it together caused me a little annoyance as the instructions aren’t the clearest. All in all once I figred out what needed to be loosened and what pieces fit where it took about 10 minutes. It is a solid piece. I was concerned it would be “top heavy” but I lowered the dryer to the lowest and it was easily moveable and didn’t tip at all. This dryer is very quiet in comparison to a handheld. It takes about 3-4 minutes to warm up and does a great job. This is definitely a luxury item for me but being hands free to read a book or sketch and have that me time without having to go to a salon is the best!

  11. KP

    Overall, we just were  impressed with this dryer for at home use.

  12. Helios Family

    – simple to setup , easy to use- medium sturdiness-effective for hair drying- noise level bit high , works fine though

  13. Shyann

    I like that it’s sturdy and I can’t change the height . Doesn’t burn my ears

  14. Elia S.

    Currently using this at home. its a 1,000 watts. The ions help reduce drying time, minimize static frizz and leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and voluminous. Like that i can easily move around and adjust height.

  15. Kimberly Whitney

    Very large standing hair salon dryer. I like that it has a timer and heat settings! So far so good and it works really well. Easy to roll around.

  16. Ariona

    Very beginner friendly. i love you can use this at home.

  17. MyPenName

    Well it looks decent enough 

  18. Olu Dami

    This drying is light weight, it doesn’t make too much noise, at least for now, if anything comes up will edit this review, but so far the drying power is awesome

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