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TASALON Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

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TASALON black nitrile disposable gloves have a micro-roughened surface for added gripping power. Our gloves exhibit a similar feel, flexibility and tactile sensitivity as latex gloves, but Powder-free and latex-free, so they are safe for people with latex allergies.

The TASALON black gloves have a comfortable and durable feel with better protection. And the black color looks professional and hides dirt, grease, and grime. They come in extended sizes from Small to X-Large and are sold as 100 gloves per box.

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Nitrile Vinyl Latex strong elastic glove


A mil equals one-thousandth of an inch. Gloves with a thickness of 5 to 6 mils are an excellent choice for a wide range of industries. This glove is definitely the best choice for you.


Micro-roughening is standard for nitrile gloves. Textured for enhanced grip, and provides excellent elasticity and sensitivity for a level of comfort similar to latex.


Nitrile is the most highly recommended disposable glove material, with excellent strength, durability, and the fit, feel, and comfort to rival latex.

TASALON industrial grade nitrile gloves are excellent for all kinds of medium duty jobs including automotive repair, janitorial and sanitation work, auto detailing, salon, beauty, tattoo, cleaning, painting, and cooking.

They’re food safe & can be used in restaurants, cafeterias, & at-home food preparation. Whether you’re preparing your meals or cooking, TASALON black nitrile gloves offer great ambidextrous and excellent protection for your hands. It helps you to keep the food fresh.

If you need your hands to complete work, the TASALON nitrile gloves will be a great help in your work!

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  1. MMorrisJ

    I bought these as back up gloves but was pleasantly surprised by the quality, definitely will work for my use.

  2. MamaRya

    I use these when cooking cleaning or doing nails. Easy on gloves and fit nice and snug. Long lasting and good quality. Multi use and durable.

  3. John Z

    It’s been in use for a few days. I am so amazed about this product. I compared it to the gloves I’d bought before, these nitrile gloves are of very good quality and durable. I also like the texture on the fingertips that give it grip. I was pleasantly surprised that wearing gloves didn’t affect my ability to use my phone. Very good price, value and quality meet our needs. Great purchase. I highly recommend these!

  4. Gods Diva

    These TASALON nitrile gloves are thick and sturdy with great elasticity. I was able to use my iPhone while wearing these as they’re tactile sensitive. These multipurpose gloves fits comfortably and are made of great quality so I do recommend!

  5. Kat

    Very thick, medium is a good size.
    I bleach and color my own hair at home, and up until now I’ve gone gloveless as well as used medical nitrile gloves. These gloves are much thicker in comparison to other gloves. I have very small hands, but my husband has large hands, so we usually get medium as a good ‘medium’ for us to share. These gloves are pretty accurate in sizing: they’ve got a but of excess on my hand and they go over my husband’s a bit tight, but still functional and without breaking, due to the thickness of these gloves.

  6. Smozk

    First thing I noticed is just how thick these gloves are compared to the normal ones I use everyday.

    The Textured finger tips were also great on this product.

    There was no smell or residue left behind after removing these gloves.

    It also takes a good a mount of strength to rip the gloves, which I like, no glove breaks when putting them on.

    Overall a great product.

  7. Dani

    These gloves are currently listed at $16.99. The hole cut out perforated easily. No bad smell. Powder free as promised. Fits my hand really nice and has a nice wrist cuff. Very high-quality. Very durable. Not easily broken. I can happily recommend!

  8. Midwest Midlife

    Nice quality, they fit great. These were even better than I expected. I use them to apply pain creams with menthol that I don’t want on my hands. They are nice quality, durable and fit my hands perfectly. Very happy with the quality.

  9. Mr King

    Stronger than what i except. Thought this glove only can last for little bit. but after trying it on and working it with the job i need glove cane believe, this glove last longer than what i except, strong enough for more one time glove work, really not bad.

  10. Jus’ Mom

    Great quality. These gloves are great quality. Better than I expected. My husband has large hands and most gloves don’t fit. These fit perfectly. Definitely worth the money!

  11. odin

    These black Nitrile gloves are perfect for what I use them for, which is mostly cleaning, food prep, and sometimes in the garage when working with oils and greases, I ordered the mediums where are kind of a tight fit for my hands (I am usually between a medium and large), but they do stretch enough and still fit like a glove, these extend about 1 or 2 inches up my wrist, the fingers are textured for extra grip and are even touch screen compatible, it’s nice to be able to use a phone without taking the gloves off, the gloves are 5-mil thick as-well for extra puncture and tear protection.

    Overall I recommend, durable gloves, perfect for working with grease, oil, hair, nails, food, cleaning..etc, these are unpowered and have no smell, contains 100 gloves, and are latex free as-well.

  12. MyTwoCents

    Good sturdy gloves, good thickness, fits well…
    These are good sturdy nitrile gloves. I typically use five mil to seven mil gloves, and these five mil gloves feel at least as sturdy as any other five mil gloves, maybe a bit thicker. They hold up to my stretching them, trying to push a finger through the material, without ripping. They do have a nice fine texture to the finger gripping surfaces. They fit just right. My hands always fit medium size gloves, and these in a medium size fit perfectly. Nice gloves, sturdy, they fit right, good mild textured surface. I like them.

  13. OhioAwesome

    True to size, thick and reliable…
    I was initially put off by the black colour, but I ordered these anyway. These gloves are nitrile so they should not cause any allergic reactions. They seem thicker and more durable than others we have ordered and they are powder-free. They seem to fit true to size, as I ordered this pack as medium and they fit the other half as they should. The only advantage to the black colour is that you can see anything that gets on them… and if you accidentally cut them you should notice. They work better than expected and they are great for cleanup or handling raw meat. At 17USD, they are a good value. I am rating these four stars. As always, your mileage and preferences may vary…

  14. Malibu Shary

    good gloves for housework.
    these have a good fit, I bought L, which leave me good tactile feel, easy on-off and seem to take bleach and cleaning liquids without falling apart.

  15. JD

    Thick & dependable unlike my last boyfriend. These gloves are perfect for any woman who has longer nails as they don’t break thru. Fits true to size. Hairstylist approved!

  16. Aussy

    The gloves are pretty simple, protective, and don’t really carry a SUPER strong scent.

  17. L

    I really love these gloves. They’re really durable and good for cleaning. They don’t rip easily, either. Definitely good bang for your buck! Buy them!

  18. Natalie

    Nice gloves
    These are very nice disposable gloves they’re easy on easy off and fit perfectly on my hands. Great for food prep. Nice to have them with a little bit of room in them and they slide it off so easily but they stay on while you’re prepping food. No powder nice and clean great to have in the kitchen even for cleaning.

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