TASALON Unbreakable Barber Mirror – Round Hand Held Mirror


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💎 Unbreakable Design: The TASALON Indestructible Hairdressing hand mirror is crafted from high-definition tempered glass, providing a crystal-clear reflection and ensuring long-lasting performance with a mirror width of 6.1 inches.
🖐️ Non-slip Silicone Handle: Equipped with a non-slip silicone handle, the shatterproof mirror ensures a comfortable and secure grip during extended grooming sessions, suitable for artists, kids, and students alike.
🏞️ Versatile Placement: The TASALON Indestructible unbreakable mirror is lightweight and portable, making it easy to hang on a wall or place on a tabletop. A must-have accessory for mobile stylists and artists on the go.

Product Parameters

Net Weight: 1.54 lb

Mirror Diameter: 6.1“

Product Size: 7.6“x11”

Product Color: Silver

Handle Material: Silicone

  • Beauty salon
  • Hair stylist
  • Makeup artists
  • Tattoo artists

Why Choose TASALON Unbreakable Hand Mirror with Handle

The ultimate grooming companion for hair stylists, barbers, and individuals seeking precise self-cuts.

Crafted with durable materials for long-lasting performance. Its sleek, round design offers a crystal-clear reflection, providing a clear view for tattoo artists working on intricate designs. The non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip, facilitating effortless maneuverability during grooming sessions. Upgrade your grooming experience with the TASALON Unbreakable Barber Mirror, where style meets functionality.

  • Unique non-slip handle
  • Various placement methods
  • High-quality drop-proof design
  • Unbreakable tempered glass mirror

Upgrade tempered glass

Crisp and clear mirror surface, providing 1:1 reflection.

Ergonomic non-slip handle

Space-saving, convenient storage and easy access.

Unbreakable high-quality material

Strong and durable, it is a great value barber accessories.

  1. jaded_green

    I ordered this mirror to use in my medical practice during aesthetic treatments, to show patients their results. It is much higher quality than I was expecting for the current $17 price tag! It is a bit heavy but that’s ok because it is well made and sturdy. The grip handle on the back is genius! It makes it much more ergonomic to hold than a typical hand-held mirror. This design also takes up less space so that it is easier to store in the cabinet. I also like that the mirror surface is slightly recessed into the frame, so that when you lay in face down, the mirror glass is not actually touching the countertop surface, thus keeping it cleaner. There is also a loop at the top of the frame so that you could hang it from a hook on the wall for storage.

  2. @SchwartzReports

    This mirror is fantastic. I cut my own hair, and it’s really useful to be able to hold this mirror with the built in handle so I can trim the back of my head. The mirror is much higher quality than I expected, and could easily be used in a barbershop. Highly recommended!

  3. LoveBoardGames

    Really nice mirror, it’s substantial, feels heavier and better built than your typical long handled mirrors you use to see the back of your hair.The image is clear, good size, has hole for hanging, if you so choose. I haven’t dropped it deliberately to test its “unbreakable” feature but if just feels much better made than my old handheld mirror.I know I rely on reviews so I hope you find this information helpful with your purchasing decision.

  4. Aceto

    I like this hand mirror. It has both good image quality and size. It is lightweight making it easy to use. The handle makes it easy to store. It suits our guest house bathroom. The sink area is not suited for a makeup mirror which could extend and allow view of the back of the head. It is advertised as unbreakable. I don’t want to test but I’m delighted if it is. I am quite happy with this nice solution.

  5. M. Crowe

    I was surprised when I opened the package the found that the mirror seemed to be bigger than I was expecting. I measured it and it was the correct size mentioned (around 10.8 inches), but because it was round it just seemed bigger than the rectangle mirror it was replacing. Don’t get me wrong, that is a good thing because I now have a much wider view of than any other hand-held mirror I’ve ever owned. In addition, this is a slightly convex mirror and that is not mentioned in the product description. So the images in the mirror are slightly smaller but at the same time, give it that much wider field of view. We like the fact that this mirror is tempered glass, so it should have a harder time breaking. And we like the handle, which is in the back and gives you a good grip on the mirror. Recommended.

  6. San Antonio user

    The Tasalon mirror is really a great mirror. Good size to allow you to show your customers their hair after you give them a fresh cut. It you want to show them how the back came out or how the lines on the side look then grab the Tasalon mirror with your hand and show away. It is really nice and the handle is comfortable while you are showing the back and sides of a fresh haircut. The handle makes it very easy to show and route to the spot the customer wants to see with their new cut.It has two locations to use to hang the mirror. You can use the nice handle to hang on a rack or back of a chair. It has a hook hole on top to hang from a nail or hook on the wall. So it won’t take much space with your other barber supplies. If you are looking to upgrade your current mirror or a new mirror for your new barber or stylist then I recommend the Tasalon unbreakable barber mirror.

  7. Goddess of Chaos

    The handle on my previous hand mirror gave up the ghost, and I picked this one up in part because the handle didn’t extend down from the bottom, and I was in the mood to try something new… I’ve got to say WOW, this gives such a vibrant and clear view of my hair, I can see the curls in the back in clear locks in a way other/previous mirrors haven’t shown… the best way to describe this, for me, is to say this mirror is MEANT to reflect another mirror, and something seems to have been done to make that really WORK, not just be tolerated by the mirror.It is easy to hold, and a great addition to my bathroom.Also love that it has a hook for hanging it… I may just add a hook to hang it from in my bathroom, freeing up some of the ever precious counter top real estate.

  8. Thomas S.

    Great mirror, big size and easy to use with the handle on back!

  9. Elizabeth Hansen

    This is a very large hand mirror. I got it because my husband likes to cut his own hair. It is also pretty heavy, so I’m not sure how useful it will be to him in that respect. Still, for what it is, it’s a great product. 

  10. Aos23

    Every client has commented on how cool this mirror is.

  11. Zach

    That’s great for barber shops

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