TASALON Professional Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp-White


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The facial steamers for esthetician with ozone mist and 5x magnifying light, this is useful multi-functional beauty equipment.It produce ionic ozone that mixed with steam, it can improve your texture of skin. The steamer for facial is suitable for a variety of skin, help to deal with skin problems.

Product type: 2-IN-1 facial steamer

  •  Color: white
  •  Status: Brand new
  •  Mainly Material: ABS
  •  Product power: 750W
  •  Rated Voltage: 120v/60Hz
  •  Magnification: 5 times
  •  Wheels: 5-leg upgraded wheels

The Best TASALON 2-IN-1 Professional Facial Steamer for you!

Professional Facial Steamer is suitable for beauty home spa, beauty clinic and so on.

The facial steamer can improve your texture of skin.

Warm mist helps to open pores for deep cleansing and moisturizing skin, speed up the circulation of your skin.

The steamer for facial is suitable for a variety of skin, help to deal with skin problems.

The facial steamer with a 5X magnifying lamp, high quality bright magnifying glass help you see details clearly and you will know the true state of your skin.

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LED light skin beautifying tool with 5x magnifying glass, high-quality bright magnifying glass allows you to see the details better. It opens pores and helps dry skin add moisture, and the steamer is used for deep cleansing of the face. With a 5-leg stabilizing base and upgraded wheels, allowing you to move freely in the salon without getting your hair stuck.
  1. ashleyashley

    I’m seriously impressed!This device delivers so many benifits. From unclogging pores to acne treatment, you name it! It releases a soothing yet powerful strong and consistent steam that leaves my skin extra soft and glowy. No face wash I’ve ever used has delivered benifits like this face steamer has!

  2. C.T.M.

    Girlfriend’s impressions:1. Once I assemble this steamer, it briefly crossed my mind that it’s far too big for what it is. Then I used it!2. This steamer makes my face feel amazing. It’s incredibly relaxing, and feels spa-like.3. It’s very simple to use.4. It doesn’t leak.5. For being so large, it’s not hard to move it around.Bottom line:If you have space for this steamer, I highly recommend it!5 stars

  3. Gemini MoonflowerGemini Moonflower

     Good functioning unit. Everything works as stated. Assembly time was about five minutes. I have more pros than cons with it, but here is my summary:Pros – heats up quickly(within 5 minutes), has wheels for easy movement, 5x magnification glass is excellent for viewing skin up close, the lamp offers a bright LED light to ensure you can see every detail clearly, has two settings for steam (vapor & ozone), lightweight and simple to operate.Cons – two separate cords, one for the steamer and one for the light. This could be a good thing since you could use each one independently if you wanted to. Also, cord length is kind of short, so there is limited mobility, also not the most portable.The unit is very nice. It works well and seems structurally sound. When you turn the ozone steam function on, the water in the basin looks like a bright green. It’s a light that comes on that makes it look that way. I love it because when the water is bubbling and green, it reminds me of a mad scientist lab. Be sure to use distilled water only!!! If you don’t use distilled water, it could be potentially destructive to the steamer. Besides, distilled water is better for your skin.Although the unit was easy to assemble, it isn’t the most portable. This is something I’d use in a more stationary sense. Granted, it can be taken apart and toted to different locations, but if you do that, I’d suggest a nice case for it so that it doesn’t get damaged.I’m pretty much happy with it. I think it will last me a long time.

  4. Josh Widner

    Puts out a lot steam and feels great for facial steam. Easy to setup and use. Great instructions. Easy to move around on it’s wheels.

  5. Ms Weasel

    Great facial product!! Very easy to use and easy to setup!! Serves many purposes!! Well made product!! Works well!! Gets the job done!! Great spa day at home!! Love it

  6. cheri paynecheri payne

    LOVE this product!Relatively easy to assemble once your husband reviews photos online of what the finished product looks like. Product rolls easily allowing you to store in one place and use in another locationIt does take up space. It is not a small contraption. Be sure you have a closet or someplace you can store it

  7. Smart Shopper

    The mist face steamer is gentle and effective, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The standing esthetician steamer is also a nice touch, providing a spa-like experience right in the comfort of my own home. The white color of the steamer is sleek and modern, and it looks great in my bathroom.

  8. MC

    This steamer looks to be like salon quality. Assembly took a bit and fairly large so think about storage space. But the steamer itself works well and performs as expected. Heats quickly and easy to use.

  9. David Michael Von Neupert

    Everything works great perfect amount of steam! Really opens up pores so I do this before shaving works beautifully! Thanks hope it lasts a long time I plan to use it alot!

  10. Johanna

    Me encanto bastante este producto ya que es fácil de instala en lo personal lo uso más para mi cabello me pongo un tratamiento profundo y duro veinte minutos e notado que mi cabello después de esto sebe más reluciente me facina bastante en mi cara si e notado que mis poco seben mucho mejor eso me encanta de esta máquina la ame 😀

  11. Shaina G.

    I was so excited to set up this steamer so that I could start taking clients…. Until I opened it, and the legs didn’t even attach. I immediately returned it and literally two days later, they sent me a replacement! I am very pleased. I love the mobility of the arm of the magnifying glass and there has been no leaking so far. I notice that the biggest issue among others in the reviews are the two different cords but I’m honestly used to steamers like that. Would it be beneficial for this product to use one cord? Sure. Either way, this exceeded my expectations.

  12. Candace D

    This product is good for facial steaming. Easy to set up. It can be used professionally or at home use. Very nice professional quality.

  13. Beauty and Tenise

    Really excited to use this!!!

  14. Cardio & Vodka

    Really like this steamer! Very sturdy and easy to put together. Very professional and works well for me when I am servicing clients. Would recommend for anyone on a budget.

  15. Tosh

    I love that this has a small light. Easy assembly! Can be used at home for facial or hair steaming. Use distilled water ONLY!! I’d highly recommend.

  16. Sxy_Jojo

    It works! Does the job right and easy to use and build. It is durable and very easy to set up, and has a very good aesthetic look for my clients.

  17. Tia

    I don’t know how well this would stand up to frequent use in a professional setting. At home though this is helped so much with extractions and clearing up my skin. I am well on my way to Korean glass skin.

  18. katelyn giudice

    This facial steamer is really great. It is great quality. It can be used professionally or for at home use. I’m currently using it for at home use for myself. It was really easy to assemble. It has a small light on it which is a great feature. It is on wheels so it’s easy to move around. I would definitely recommend this.

  19. Shena C.

    I have been wanting a facial steamer for the longest time. This is a great steamer, I love that the arm of the steamerous very adjustable. The container is able to hold a lot of water. This steamer is very easy to use, it’s great for a gift it’s great for professional the price is definitely worth it. Even though it’s large it’s very easy to transport as well.

  20. HDT

    The steamer on this works so well! I’m impressed with the amount of steam the unit produces and the way it flows out, it’s thick but not too intense in just a small area. It flows out for a nice all over steam. Great for a facial, to open up pours or even for breathing when one has stuffy sinuses.The magnifying lamp is similar to the type you see on countertop makeup rings/lamps, where it’s circular. But instead being just a mirror inside, it has a magnification glass.The base is weighty enough that even when I’m moving the arms around, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to tip over. It stable, works well and isn’t loud at all compared to some steams I’ve used. Very pleased with this one!

  21. Gabby L.

    I did put this together but myself so I did struggle a bit. The steamer makes my face feel so refreshing. This would be a great piece to have if you’re an esthetician or have a home spa. This is not big or bulky but it will take up some space in the house as it does not fold up for storage.

  22. Mtair

    Looking forward to use it!!

  23. cierra jackson

    This is pass amazing. Easy to set up and my face feels and looks amazing after using this. I’m in love with this! Buy it.

  24. Bill M.

    This is a pretty decent facial steamer. It only takes a few minutes to heat up, and it puts out a good amount of steam. Additionally, the light for the magnifier is very bright, and the magnifier works really well. It lets you get an extremely detailed/close-up view of your skin.However, with all of that said, this thing is a bit of a contraption. And what I mean by that is that it has long arms and two power cords, and is a bit unwieldy. Furthermore, it takes up quite a bit of storage space when you’re not using it.But, to be fair, storage space may not be an issue for you. And this steamer competently does exactly what it was designed to do, so I can’t complain too much about its ungraceful design and somewhat large size. I think that this is a very good facial steamer overall.If you have any questions about this facial steamer, please feel free to ask, and I’ll try my best to answer. I hope you found this review helpful.

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