TASALON Professional Multipurpose Salon Trolley Cart


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✅Extended Work Space: TASALON salon tray on wheels provides plenty of room for all your salon essentials, giving you an extended work area for easy access to tools and products during busy times. Make it a good experience for your customers.
✅Simplified Salon Operation: 4 drawers and 2 bottom baskets simplify your salon and barber stations operation. It allows for efficient organization, easy access and quick retrieval of salon essentials, ultimately increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.
✅Multifunctional Storage Solution: This salon cart combines pull-out drawers and a bottom basket to provide a versatile storage solution. Whether you are organizing brushes, styling tools, nail supplies, or beauty products, it can be customized to meet your specific needs.


  • Dimensions: 13.2*14.1*33 inch
  • Weight: 14.99 lbs


Packing list:

  • 4 drawers & 2 bottom baskets & 1 dryer holder
  • Instruction and an assembly tool
  • Salon Trolley Cart


Looking for a premium trolley for your barbershop, hair and beauty salon, spa, and tattoo shop?

Your Professional Versatile Working Station with Extra Storage and Innovative Side Storage Bucket!

Experience salon convenience like never before with our cutting-edge Salon Trolley Cart. This exceptional cart is designed to be your all-in-one solution for a seamless and efficient salon experience.

With its versatile working station, ample extra storage, and innovative side storage bucket, this cart will transform the way you operate in the salon, making it a must-have for every salon professional.

  • Ample Extra Storage for a Neat and Tidy Salon Space
  • A Versatile Working Station for Effortless Salon Operations
  • Sturdy Construction and Easy Mobility

Versatile Working Station

Non-slip workbench for mounting trays on both sides, complete with hairdryer holder. The spacious, flat top surface offers an ideal area for hairstyling, makeup application, or other salon services.

Ample Extra Storage

The Salon Trolley has 4 drawers, 2 of which are compartmentalized to hold all the necessary tools and supplies.Provides plenty of space for barber tools, spray bottles, towels and more.

Innovative Side Storage Bucket

Unlike ordinary salon carts, our Salon Trolley Cart comes with an ingenious side storage bucket, adding another layer of convenience to your salon experience.

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