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How to establish brand marketing when opening a beauty salon in a community?

How to establish brand marketing when opening a beauty salon in a community? Community beauty salons, that is, home beauty salons are becoming more and more popular, community customers are more concentrated, the source of customers is stable, and the advantages of low rent and low decoration cost make many people keen to open beauty salons in the community, especially for some housewives, open beauty in the community

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How to open a hairdressing shop to make money through business strategy?

How to make money by opening a hairdressing shop through business strategy? I wonder if most hairdressing shop owners feel that the hair salon is getting more and more difficult to do? Customers are getting more discerning and employees are getting harder to manage? So how can you run your own hairdressing shop and let your hairdressing shop have a place in the future hairdressing battlefield

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How can hairdressers improve with service?

How can hairdressers improve with service? Most hairdressers have experienced or are experiencing serious customer turnover problems and are in urgent need of new customer sources, and some hairdressers even have only a few customers left, and the business situation is very bleak. It can be seen that the problem of expanding customers is a big stone in the hearts of hairdressing shop operators, and it is urgently needed

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Product Reviews

  • Perfect! High quality. Best I've seen. I recently purchased another saddle stool and apparently didn't pay attention to the rating, believing in photos and reviews (bogus, obviously.) That was immediately returned. I did more detailed research this time and finally found what looked more like what I need. This stool exceeded my expectations. The wheels look like the kind I had ordered for my last stool to replace inferior standard set, so that was a great start during assembly. The finish is superb and will look great in the salon. This stool rises to a good height, which I need. I can hardly wait to use it!
    Posted By :Richard On 2022-12-07 22:23:30
  • super strong, clear reflection. Bought this for a toddler (almost 2 yrs old) to have as their mirror and after about 9 months of use and abuse it is still completely intact and reflects perfectly.
    Posted By :kel004 On 2022-08-16 18:30:37
  • This was easier to put together than everyone made it sound, just takes about 20min. It is a little big but I expected that, it's hard to tuck away in a smaller closet because the legs come out kind of far. Other than that it's easy to move around and use. It's worked really well on my curls, I use all 3 setting, high heat, low heat and cool. I have a medium curl pattern and thicker hair, although thinner strands. It normally takes awhile to dry to the root, this helps a ton and only takes about 10min. Love it!
    Posted By :Whitney W Zinni On 2022-07-17 23:29:12
  • Great mirror, happy with the item.
    Posted By :Sheila McDermott On 2022-12-21 00:14:26
  • Decent quality. Perfect for my hair tools. A bit clunky for my bathtoom but Nice quality.
    Posted By :Mom of Rockstars On 2022-12-21 00:09:28
  • Takes up little space in my shop.Great for an extra hand and convenience.
    Posted By :Hair Gypsy On 2022-07-24 16:55:53

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