ionic hooded hair dryer

Standing Ionic Hair Dryer with Temperature Settings

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This hooded hair dryer is a multifunctional machine with hair perm, caring, coloring, heating, drying, and hair setting, which reduces the damage to hair and help you achieve the best possible experience.


TASALON professional bonnet hair dryer stand features a built in ionic generator.It generates millions of negative ions that help to lock hydration into hair resulting in smoother, shinier, more polished-looking hair shafts.



  • Professional Ionic Hooded Dryer: Features tourmaline technology with 5 temperature settings, Low, Midium, High HEAT and turn the seed adjustment knob to set desired speed of wind help you achieve the best possible experience.

  • Ionic Generator with ON/OFF Switch: Salon hair dryer stand features a built in ionic generator. These ions help to reduce drying time, minimize static frizz while simultaneously conditioning your hair giving them a silky smooth and voluminous texture.

  • Control Hair Dryer Hood Time: unlike other hair dryers , our hooded dryer comes with a timer knob to set desired working time(from 10 to 60 minutes) to help you control these functions anytime and tailor them to your hair needs.

  • Upgrade Wheel and Adjustable Height: This bonnet hair dryer with 5 upgrade rolling wheels ensure convenient to move anywhere in your home or salon. Upgraded wheels are quiet and hair-free. The hooded hair dryer easily adjusts from 48″ to 63″ to fit your height perfectly.

  • Good Choice For Home or Salon Use: Fulfill various application needs which is an ideal solution for easily do your favorite hairstyle and drying dense hair in a comfortable way.It is no matter commercial business or family, which is a perfect hood dryer for you.


  • Color: Grey/Orange
  • Power: 1000W
  • Height Range: 48”- 63”
  • Timer Range: 0–60 min.
  • Package Size: 23.6”×17”×17”
  1. Wonder mom

    This is a nice dryer. It gets pretty hot and it’s easy to use. This dryer is huge and a little loud. I still need to test it out a little more however.

  2. Rachel

    The TASALON Professional Standing Hair Dryer is, perfect for anyone with a salon, someone that does hair at home or someone that just wants a professional standing hair dryer. This dryer has 1000 watts of power. It has a 60 minute built in timer and it’s easy to use.

    I really like that this dryer has 3 temperatures settings. It has wheels so it’s easy to roll and move around. I also like that it’s quiet and the cord wraps around the stand. It’s a very nice standing dryer.

  3. Angry Face

    When deep conditioning your hair, a hood dryer is essential. For years, I’ve used a Hairflair softhood to concentrate heat when deep conditioning, but it’s a pain to hold a blow dryer on for 15-30 minutes. This is an awesome alternative. The unit is pretty large, but easy enough to put together. This shouldn’t be used as a handheld blow dryer though. It’s best used for deep conditioning, allowing treatments that need heat to process, or setting curls in rollers. It’s not ideal for actually drying hair. At the salon, your stylist would never put you under the hood to just dry your hair. They put you under the hood with a cap on to heat the product on your hair or set your style.

    It has a timer that allows it to shut off once you’ve reached your target heating time. The height is adjustable and the cord is easy to keep wrapped up and tidy when not in use. It’s not as portable as I’d hoped it would be though, and is kind of a pain to transport if you’re using it for a mobile salon.

  4. Your Queen

    Really nice home dryer.
    Easy to assemble, excellent quality, seems very sturdy. The only thing I would’ve liked is the heat and air pressure slightly stronger.

  5. Anita Taco

    Salon service at home.
    I never realized how much this would come in handy! I like to dye my hair fashion colors and since developer is not used with those, I will sit under this and bake it into my hair pretty much. It makes a much longer lasting bright color. A happy extra, if the dye is dry when you wash it out, there’s no color to stain the tub at all. So far I like this thing and I would recommend it!!

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