Who We Are

Leading Salon Equipment Supplier

TASALON is rooted in a passion for excellence, endless client support, and quality provision of products. We take pride in what we do and bolster your craftsmanship with industry-leading salon tools bound to yield impeccable results. Here at TASALON, every member is dedicated to your success. Our company thrives on the foundation of utmost professionalism whereby your expectations aren’t just met but completely surpassed. 

Rather than just offering standardized salon tools, we take it up a notch with bespoke solutions that complement your business dynamic. Furthermore, what truly sets us apart is our specialized DIY service. We love giving our clients as much comfort as possible when it comes to using their favorite tools, rest assured, you’re guaranteed to be impressed.

We strive to build lasting relationships with ambitious salon owners who wish to create exquisite experiences for their clients

Why Choose Us

End to end personalization

Is your vision different than the rest? No salon owner thinks alike – you seek something unique and bespoke which is why our solutions are wholly personalized. TASALON always goes the extra mile to cater to your individual needs through cost-effective salon equipment with custom labels.

Affordability Guaranteed

Who says quality salon products plunge your savings? TASALON innovatively manufactures cutting-edge salon tools at holistically affordable prices. We never charge unreasonably and keep prices market competitive so you can stay one step ahead, no matter what.

Never settle for subpar salon equipment that does more harm than good!

While skilled staff is definitely important, getting your hands on the right tools is equally essential for a prosperous business. Whether it’s dressing hair or brightening up a face with makeup, running a salon is all about perfecting the art. So, it is only fair that your artists have the best styling gear and accessories on the market.

We’re no. 1 for a reason

Ever since day one, TASALON has singlehandedly transformed thousands of beauty practitioners and salon start-ups. Finding the right tools for everyday business operations is no easy feat. While some suppliers charge too much, others compromise quality. However, TASALON customers never have either complaint. Our top-of-the-line products are backed by high user-generated Amazon ratings, innovative designs, and limitless durability!

What We Offer

From salon towels and mirrors to trolleys and hair dryers, TASALON has it all. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not only can you find the best salon tools on the market at our store but we’ve also got the perfect accessories to go with each product. Our trained experts also customize salon equipment upon request for extensive branding. This includes printing custom logos and adorning salon equipment with meaningful stories you’re eager to showcase.


TASALON recognizes its responsibility toward the community as well as the environment. Our practices are holistically aligned with eco-friendly purposes to lower the planet’s burden. Rest assured, all the materials used in the production process are effectively utilized to minimize waste and boost recycling.

Fast Delivery

There’s nothing worse than waiting around for salon tools. After all, why should you have to do that when we’re just around the corner? Our warehouses are strategically stationed across the US so every client receives their order within no time. We work with the best logistics partners to guarantee seamless doorstep delivery!

Maximum Transparency

Tired of unreliable partners that never live up to their promises? At TASALON, you benefit from maximum transparency across the board. When it comes to quality and pricing, we’re like an open book for our clients.

Why Shop From Us

Premium Quality

Our goal is to delivery the super durable beauty equipment in the industry. Each products is packed with multiple user-friendly features that can make your life easier.

TASALON Guarantee

We offer excellent warranty throughout our store in order to provide the best customer satisfaction and customer care.

Fast Shipping

Free shipping for all orders over $69 within continental U.S. Your order generally ships out within 1 business days and delivers in 1 to 4 business days.

We Deliver Genuine Products


Bought this dryer for my home salon studio. It arrived on time and it was easy to assemble. The dryer is very sturdy and good quality. Looks nice too! To operate, you must turn power button on, then pull visor down to begin air flow& lift visor up to stop air flow. I like that feature. Upon lowering visor the air began to come out. Great dryer!

Kim Vain

It was exactly what I needing! It seems very sturdy and was easy to put together. This one seems to be sturdier than the others.Easy to put together with good instructions.


I love this hair steamer. It works perfectly and it is really helping with my hair growth and moisturizing routine. Just perfect!This hair steamer is great! It’s professional just like in the salon.


This is a great lather machine. It’s easy to use, it works great, heats up quickly, and I think it will last me a long time because it doesn’t have any mechanical parts. It’s just a simple straightforward design. This product is a great choice because of its simple high quality design.

Adams McGhin

I’m a dental hygienist and I have been using this chair for a few weeks. I really like that it rolls very easy and the saddle part of the stool is high so I don’t slip out of it. 🙂

John Duke