Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Regardless of gender and age, people need to go to the hair salon house to trim or care for their hair once in a while. Thus, hair salon tools have indirectly become a necessity in people's lives. The most common hairdryer is the hand-held style, featuring strong wind and fitting various air outlets to create hairstyles. The hand-held hairdryer has long been loved by families and barbershops.

Standing Hair Dryer

But now more and more hair salon shops choose the standing hooded hairdryer, which not only frees the hands of hairdressers but also frees customers from noise when drying hair. Customers can feel the gentle air from the dryer, adjust the suitable temperature, and read or play with their mobile phones cozily. After 20 minutes, they would get smooth and silky hair. At the same time, the hairdresser can free his hands for other tasks or communicate with customers pleasantly. Besides, the hairdryer can adjust the height and slide the wheels smoothly, which has great practicality.

Standing Hair Steamer

The standing hair steamer is a common device for moisturizing hair and repairing hair scales. It works best when your hair is half dry. Tasalon hairdryer has the function of detecting the water level. When the water in the water tank is lower than the minimum water level, the machine will keep beeping to ensure the safe operation of the machine. Both the hairdryer and the hair steamer are easy to install and use. It is not only suitable for professional hair salons, but also for home use so that people can have beautiful hair with this hair salon equipment even if not going to a hair salon.

Salon Mirror and Towel

In addition, Tasalon offers professional salon mirrors with special handles that are not slippery even with wet hands holding. What's more, even if it is dropped on the ground accidentally, it will not break. Microfiber towels are soft and absorbent, not only suitable for professional hair salons, but also for home use.