What is a spa and what are the benefits

Spa promotes metabolism by replenishing water, a usual way to care for the skin. The function of the facial steamer is to create tiny water molecules to open the pores, expel toxins, and promotes skin absorb nutrition. Pure water or distilled water is the best option for the facial spa, which is good for the machine since it will not leave the water scale.

Facial Steamer

Tasalon facial steamer is able to detect water level. When the water level is lower than the minimum level, the instrument will keep beeping and out of use, safe to avoid accidents. People can adjust the height of the facial steamer to get the best experience, and 20cm between the face and the sprayer is the best. The facial sprayer can not only produce rich and fine mist but also move smoothly with the rolling wheel without sticking hair or scratching the floor.

Spa Stool

Besides, a comfortable and sturdy stool is also essential spa equipment. The round stool is a classic style, in which the leather seat is wide and comfortable, free from tiring even if sitting for a long time. The height is adjusted by the stainless steel lifting rod and the smooth wheels under the base can easily move the working position without getting up. Compared with the round stool, the characteristic of the saddle stool lies in the saddle-shaped cushion design. Based on the principle of ergonomics, one's legs can be placed freely and comfortably, and the height difference between the front and rear is conducive to straightening the back and making it healthier.

Soft Towel

There are also absorbent and soft towels, which can be used to wrap guests ' hair and keep it dry during spa programs, or to absorb moisture after cleansing, etc. Towels can be recycled use, just do the disinfection steps well.