TASALON 8L Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet-white


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SUITABLE CAPACITY: The towel warmer cabinet has a suitable capacity of 8L, which can accommodate up to 6-8 towels or 10-12 face-sized towels at the same time. In the cabinet, the towel should be wet and you will get a towel clip as a gift to avoid scalding.



Premium Hot Towel Warmer to Keep Warm All Day.

  1. This 8L towel warmer is very suitable for personal facial care at home.
  2. This small towel heating cabinet takes up less space and you can keep it anywhere you want in your home.
  3. The inner wall of the towel cabinet is smooth stainless steel, which is convenient for cleaning and will not rust.


Pay Attention

  1. Please make sure to put damp/wet towels into the hot towel warmer, a dry towel is not safe.
  2. We are sorry if you received a damaged product. Violent transportation by the carrier may cause the product to be crushed and bumped resulting in deformation.


Please feel free to tell us and we will definitely solve your problem.





  • 360° All-around Heating


  • External dimensions:13.75”W x 10.5”D x10”H
  • Internal dimensions:10.5”W x 7.5”D x 5.5”H


  • The appearance is fashionable and beautiful, and the inner liner is clean and functional.


  • It suitable for spa, home, salon, nail spa and so on.



Product details

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 10.95 Pounds
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ TASALON
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BN9SZ366
  1. AngieAngie

    I could not be any more pleased with my new hot towel warmer! Well made with stainless steel interior. Very easy to use. I’ve been using it multiple times for facials and after pedis without issue. Feels incredible! On the skin, the towels feel nice and toasty. Super relaxing! And a great price!

  2. Matt @bsides Logistics

    I was really impressed by this warmer this is 3rd item from talsalon I have gotten and I love the customer service and products

  3. Pinklily

    If you love warm hand towels, run a small business, want spa like items in your home, this is a must have. Most of have experienced warm towels for our hands or our faces. When visiting a Japanese restaurant, they tend to provide you with a warm damp towel to wipe your hands clean prior to eating, called a oshi bori(sp). The directions are easy, the product is super cute! Heats up pretty fast! I love warm towels over my face to help open the pores and my sinuses. Warm towels also feel so good on my joints in my fingers, especially during the cooler months. My husband and son both use this prior to shaving to help soften hair follicles. Great item for everyone!

  4. TennyTenny

     After a plug-and-play setup, the unit heats quickly and evenly. I love The color scheme- adds a luxurious touch to my bath. I’m impressed with performance, quality, and workmanship so I’d order again

  5. Mad megzMad megz

    Easy to set up. Basically, pull it out the box, plug it in and instant towel warmer. This would be great for anyone who does in home spa. It takes a little bit for the warmer to get going but once it gets going the towels are nice and toasty. The towels get fairly warm but not hot enough to burn you. Just that nice in between temperature. Gives a nice relaxing vibe. There is a metal basket that you put the towels in, inside of the warming machine. That gets really hot. Warning, to pull the basket out what the tongs provided and the towels as well. It can get pretty toasty in that little machine! Nice product though!

  6. Tyler

    I got this for my daughter because she loves everything spa and self care. It definitely didn’t disappoint. You can fit quite a few little towels in this. I like how it uses magnets to close. Make sure you give it plenty of time to work.

  7. Kaysie Schippert

    I do like this little warmer. It does get your towels warm – not too hot.

  8. moonblossom

    This towel warmer is simple and easy to use. Just plug in, turn on and place wet , but not dripping, face towels inside. If you use warm water to start, it will help. To prevent the growth of bacteria and to keep it clean, you’ll want to empty, wipe out, and allow to air dry each day.

  9. CarpenterCarpenter

    This little device is great for heat compression towels on sore, tired muscles. The heat is the rigbt temperature right out the heat box. Feels so good.And if you need one on your face it’s great for that too.The unit comes with the towel basket, tongs and a removable drip tray.You can fit about 4 small rolled up towels to a row and 3 rows. Or 4 medium sized towels.

  10. Melisa WisdomMelisa Wisdom

    Works very well and as described, the quality is really nice. Definitely perfect for salons that does facials. I love it.

  11. Marie

    I have a very positive association with hot towels and spas, relaxation, and luxury, so I was excited to see they made a compact device I can use to make hot towels at home. It works pretty fast and comes with some tongs to remove the towels. Has a nice look too which matches my bathroom decor.It will even fit some of my larger bath towels, which is great for cold days when I want a hot towel after my shower.

  12. Jenna

    This is a pretty good towel warmer. It has room for the right amount of hand towels (for personal use at home) and it heated them up in a decent amount of time. I don’t mind waiting for them to heat up at home, but if you use a lot quickly, then this may not be as efficient. However, it still works.

  13. Marii

    I’m surprised it warms towels and keeps them warm this little warmer cabinet is awesome my kiddos love it they get little warm towels

  14. Ms WeaselMs Weasel

    Great product!! Very easy to use and easy to setup!! Warmers up fast!! Holds up to 8 towels!! Serves many purposes!! A great home spa day!!

  15. StephanieStephanie

    If you want to use it for skincare, you’d need to set it up early enough to have them warm enough to incorporate into your skincare routine. My mom loves it though, so I’m happy with it too! I would definitely recommend!

  16. Bill A. Belt

    This is a nice towel warmer. I have had a different brand in the past that was a little larger than this one but I also paid a lot more for a larger unit. This one is a nice size for face towels or maybe one bath towel. The unit has a footprint on my counter that is approx. 14″ wide, 10″ tall, and 11″ deep. The inside of the unit is 10.5″ wide, 5.5″ tall and 7.5″ deep. The unit did a nice job of warming the face towels. It also did a nice job of warming a single bath towel. There is a set of tongs included to help you remove a hot towel. The electric plug in cord is 4 ft. long. Overall, this is a nice, compact towel warmer at a good price.

  17. Jennifer Shimizu

    Do I need this? no, but I love it. I love having hot towels and this is great to have during the winter especially! I love having these for a compress for my eyes at night and in the morning. I have clogged eyelids, so having these for my compress is so much easier!I have clean towels that are warm and ready! I just turn this on when I get home so its ready to go after I shower.

  18. AllyKat

    This has been such a luxury feature to my at home spa room, I use this for massage, pedicures, facials. I have a big family, so my daughters and I get good use from this wet towel warmer.Not that aesthetically pleasing, heavy plastic handles and pull outs.  But this thing functions well. We soak our towels on rose water, roll and place in the warmer, one button turns it on. We prepare all our other spa stuff and by the time we need the towels they’re nice and hot. To speed things up, I recommend microwaving your wet rolled towels, then placing them in the warmer for when you need them.

  19. J K

    Love this product.. this towel warmer is very good for facial ..and has a good steam ..very light weight to carry .has uv light inside also ..definitely recommended product

  20. Kimberly Foster

    I love this product. I love to use nice warm towels to wash my face and hands.

  21. Master_Reviewer

    Cute little towel warmer. Great for small towels or washcloth sized towels. Gets them warm, but isn’t going to burn your face off. Have mine set up in the bathroom by the sink so I always have a warm towel or two handy.

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