TASALON Salon Disinfectant Barber Jar Tools(25 oz)


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TASALON Disnfectant Jar suitable for daily use, barbercide barber disinfectant containers can be used for salon&spa, Manicure shop.
You can use it for anything you need, such as nail instrument, razor, hairdresser or even a pacifier that needs to be soaked in hot water. You will get clean and safe appliances to protect your health.

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TASALON Best Barbicide Manicure Table Jar

Professional Barbicide Manicure Table Jar is suitable for salon, beauty clinic and nail spa.

  • It can be used to sterilize instruments to avoid bacterial growth and safe use.
  • The bottom with non-slip silicone pad, placed in a variety of places.
  • Removable stainless steel basket for easy placement and removal of instruments.
  • Beautiful crystal top for easy lifting.



25 Oz Glass Soaking Bottles

  • SIZE:5.91 × 9.84 × 4.92 inch
  • WEIGHT:0.90 lb
  • Ergonomically shaped knob for easy use!


TASALON Professional Disinfectant Jar

It‘s the best tools of salon & spa!

TASALON disinfectant jar is designed for sanitizing tools of salon and spa. It has a durable glass body, stainless steel cap and removable basket. It is also suitable for personal and commericial use!

  • NOTE:Blue liquid is a cleaning agent, not included in the package.






  • It’s made of extra-strong durable glass that is perfect for daily use.



  • Can be used to for a wide-array of tools such as barber combs, hairbrush, nail files and so on.
  • Can be used for healthcare, or even restaurant.



  • The lid has an ergonomically shaped knob for easy gripping, allowing you to easily soak and remove tools.



Operation Steps:

  1. Taking out the draining basket
  2. Pour the cleaning agent into the glass jar
  3. Put your tools into the basket tray
  4. Put on the cover and soak your tools




  • SPA
  1. Kyle T.Kyle T.

    Tasalon 25 oz durable glass sterilization barber jar with removable stainless basket came extremely well packaged in a white cardboard box with their logo on the front. When you open up the box the actual glass disinfectant jar was encased in an inflatable bubble pack. Once you get the jar out of the bubble wrap the stainless removable basket piece was also encased in a smaller bubble wrap. The whole unit is very nicely made with smooth, thicker glass that has no rough or sharp edges to it and supposedly is dishwasher safe which I haven’t tried out yet. The stainless-steel lid with the cute accent crystal looking handle and inside removable sterilization basket is also very well put together with nice smooth surfaces and the lid fits very well. The handle on the lid of the jar is very easy to grasp and hold onto to lift the basket out. There is a removable rubber base that you can put on the bottom of the glass container so that it can’t slip around on the counter top as well. The jar is under 7 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide. I do want to point out that the stainless basket does not sit on the bottom of the glass jar, there is a little space. Long tailed combs and larger scissors will not fit in this container as well, it’s made for smaller items only.I use this sterilization jar with barbicide to disinfect all my nail efile burs, cuticle trimmers, etc. and it works perfectly for me. I add disinfectant then water so it’s three quarters full and it’s very easy to get the instruments out of the basket. If it’s just burs, I run the whole basket under water and empty them out on a towel after letting sit for 24 hours then replace the basket back into the jar.

  2. Britt PBritt P

    It is so graet!

  3. Madi

    I love that the lid top is a little crystal

  4. sean h.sean h.

    I use this as a dunk for my dab bangers and dab tools. Works great keeps my hands out if the iso..

  5. Rebecca

    I use this to disinfect my nail tools, and it’s the perfect size to fit in cuticle pushers, nail clippers, nippers, and efile bits!

  6. Queendea

    I order this barber jar because my last one broke it’s a really cute jar for sanitizing your hair tools. 

  7. Vbrazil84Vbrazil84

    This glass barbecide jar is so pretty with the cristal looking knob on the lid, and it’s the perfect size for soaking my nail tools

  8. Stephanie Lowry

    Very good quality and works well for soaking tools in specialty cleaner. Im not using item as it is meant for but works well for what I wanted it for.

  9. Revaem

     Cleaning the mass of my tools all at once saves me time and my hands from the pokes that I always manage to stick myself with. Made from borosilicate glass the scratching on glass is not so bad in sound and didn’t mark it at all. Also can be used for cleaning jewelry putting in whatever solution you need to soak for a good while lifting with ease by the gem. Fitting on mini side shelf for ease of use whenever I need it not budging with bottom gripper in place.

  10. Stephanie Lowry

    Very good quality and works well for soaking tools in specialty cleaner. Im not using item as it is meant for but works well for what I wanted it for.

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