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TASALON Ergonomic Saddle Stool – Black

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Our adjustable stool is designed to maximize comfort even after hours of sitting on it and the wheels will allow multiple professionals to use it without any hassle. The stool features ultra-smooth 3-inch glide wheels, which will not only allow you to move around your workstation without making noise, but also prevent annoying scratches on your floor. Its highlight is the ergonomic design allow you to obtain the best sitting position all the time.

Note: click to download saddle stool instruction manual.


Tasalon saddle stool is ergonomic-designed to maximize the comfort to sitting on even for a long time.

Saddle Stool Features

✔Saddle Shape Seat
Designed to maximize comfort even after hours of sitting on it

✔Adjustable Height Lift
Superior-quality chrome gas lift mechanism will allow you to adjust its height and find the ideal spot.

✔Made To Last
Our rolling saddle chair comes with a premium AAA aluminum base that can handle professional wear and tear without skipping a beat.

✔Whisper Glide Wheels
The quiet roller blade wheels will not only facilitate 360-degree rotation, allowing you to move around freely without getting up.

✔Ultra-Versatile Saddle Chair
It could work as a massage stool, dental spa chair, spa massage chair hair stylist saddle stool, hair cutting stool, office stool chair. You name it.

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Seat Dimensions: 17″ x 16″ x 7″
Package Dimensions: 22″ x 22″ x 24″
Item Weight: 15.72 pounds


  1. Michele tack

    Best cutting stool ever!
    Putting the seat and wheels on is a cinch!

  2. Lynardo

    Better than I expected!
    I got this chair because I love to cook, but my bad knees prevent me from standing in the kitchen for long. After reading the reviews, I was a little afraid that the seat would be too wide or it would slide out from under me when I tried to get on.
    Here’s what I found -1. It’s super easy to put together. It literally took seconds.2. I found that if I put it into a corner, face out, I can back onto it without it moving. Whew, that was a relief. I am using it on tiled floors, which also helps since the grout grooves help keep it place a little.3. The tile floors are both a blessing and a curse. Once I’m on the stool, it doesn’t slide very easily on the tile. I have to walk it with my feet.4. I’m not used to a saddle! I like the way my legs are positioned astride it, but my nether regions are getting more action than they have in years. Your well-cushioned butt doesn’t touch the seat at all. The seat is definitely BETWEEN your legs. I got sore after 15 minutes, but I’m going to try hard to get used to it since otherwise, it seems as if it will be a great helper

  3. Jessica K.

    Allows the dental clinician to bring the patient lower so that the dr/ hygienist arms and shoulders do not need to be raised. I already have a saddle which I paid over $600 for, I wanted another one for my other office and this one is just fine! I went with this brand bc it raises nice and high for taller clinicians giving a desired 135° knee angle. Saddles are the most ergonomic chair for sure! Easy to assemble, rolls nicely, non-slip seat fabric!

  4. Matthew

    Saddle stool for self-transport.
    I have a crawl space with concrete floors and a low ceiling, but with the use of this straddle stool, I zip around without having to bend or crouch to clear the beams. The saddle shape gives great comfort as I use my legs to move around. Whatever it’s use – it is a great buy for those looking for comfortable stool.

  5. Joe McDonell

    The saddle stool was really easy to assemble and it’s comfort is extraordinary! I love how high it can go! I especially love the wheels on it, it rolls so well!!

  6. Alies

    I LOVE my cutting stool! It was easy to assemble, and it goes up pretty darn high. The wheels on this don’t catch hair on the ground, which is important. The saddle portion is nice because it’s wide enough, and it is sturdy. Feels more high end than the price — I’d buy another one in a heartbeat.

  7. Jason S.

    This stool is very comfortable and made durably. My daughter stole it out of my shop and put it in front of her bathroom mirror to do her makeup. I guess I need to buy another. It comes mostly assembled. It took only a few minutes to put together.

  8. Lisa

    I purchased this chair for my work as a Dental Hygienist. It is so easy to glide and so comfortable to use that even the Dentists that I work with love it and want the same chair. Perfect for keeping ergonomically correct all day as well. Highly recommend this chair.

  9. AC

    I have a lot ok problem with both legsAnd need both knees replaced. This stool is great ! I can roll around to cook wash dishes, fold clothes…etc and my legs are not so painful.

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