5 Diopter Magnifying Glass Lens Can Rotate 360 Degrees And Flip Up And Down 180 Degrees 180° 360°
Height Adjustable 35-48IN
Ozone Enriched Steam Penetrates Deeply To Remove OiL Dirt And Grime From The Pores 180°
Safe And Convenient Weighted sturdy base provides good balance during operation or movement 5-leg wheeled 360° stand base
Easy To Use At Home
Professional For Salon And Spa

TASALON Facial Steamer with 5X Magnifying Lamp

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SKU: JY-200C
Availability: In Stock

Note: click to download:black facial steamer with lamp manual

A facial steamer creates sweat on the face, which opens up the pores and allows them to breathe. Oil, dirt, and grime can all collect in the pores, and this opening allows them to move freely.

This magical combination boosts blood circulation and metabolic processes, rinses the skin and rehydrates the cells.

This machine is specially designed for making ionic water vapor, which can accelerate skin microcirculation, replenish moisture to skin, and play a role in sterilization.


  • 2 in 1 Face Professional Face Steamer: Ozone face steamer and 5X magnifying lamp for beauticians, it is a very useful and multifunctional beauty device. It can open pores, help dry skin add moisture, facial steamer for deep cleansing of face.
  • Professional 5X Magnification Lamp: LED light skin beautification tool with 5X magnifying glass, high quality and bright face steamer magnifying glass can help you see details more clearly, the brightness can be adjusted by the knob for ideal lighting.

  • Advanced Nano Technology: The vaporizer facial uses nano ions to penetrate the skin, ozone can help improve your skin, it uses ozone steam to moisturize your skin texture and effectively replenish moisture. Gently pat skin to speed absorption.


  • NEW UPGRADE & EASY TO OPERATE: This facial steamer for facial spa machine is equipped with a 5-leg stable base and upgraded wheels, allowing you to move freely in the salon without catching your hair. The adjustable neck can be swiveled in any direction you need, and the height is adjustable.

  • WIDE APPLICATION: The steamer facial supplies are suitable for most types of skin, great for salons, spas. The magnifying lamp is an ideal tool for medical, dental, skin care. It is also popular with amateurs, opticians, beauticians and more.



Product type: 2-in-1 facial steamer

Colour: Black

Status: brand new

Main material: ABS

Product power: 750W

Magnification: 5 times

Wheels: 5 leg upgrade wheels



How to install:

  1. moonblossom

    Mag lamp steamer combo.
    I have a white steamer in this line and was pleased to get the black one, as it ties in with the color scheme. It does have height adjustability. The steam arm angle is fixed, but it does pivot and rotate. The steam does not have different levels but it does have an ozone option. The flask is plastic and it requires distilled water. The 5 diopter magnification lamp gives clear visibility. This is not the most high tech steamer. However, it is well constructed, reasonably priced, and a great option when you are short on space.

  2. Teddy

    This home facial will pay for itself quickly!! It works almost like the ones at the day spas.

    The facial was easy to assemble and use. The instructions were detailed and explained where each of the parts needed to go. From start to finish, it took my husband about 30-45 minutes to put it together. The parts are quality and feels like they will last a long time. The wheels on the base makes moving this facial extremely easy. It does take some space when the arms are extended, so make sure you use it in a room that has plenty of space.

    Operation is easy, just plug the unit into a standard 120v outlet and add distilled water into the water reservoir. Turn on your music and enjoy the facial. The facial warms up quickly, so you need to be careful about the distance to your face. There is a large magnifier len with LED lights, but since I usually do my facials by myself, I do have not use this attachment. However, I have seen my husband using it for his projects! He uses it to solder his electronics. I have used it for my embroidery sewing projects.

    This is an excellent home facial. It is easy to use and not expensive. The major thing that I did not like about the product was that it takes a lot of space when it isn’t been used. It doesn’t fold up and looks unsightly. We have been putting it in our closet when guests are over.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I hope you for it helpful.

  3. katelyn giudice

    This facial steamer is pretty good! It works exactly as it should. Came nicely packaged and it was easy to assemble. It does get pretty hot so be careful. It seems to be of good quality so far. I love that it is on wheels so it is easy to move around. The only things I wish I could change are that the bottom stand is cheap plastic material and the instructions could be more detailed. Other than that I would recommend getting this facial steamer!

  4. HTFAM

    Good for face cleaning.
    This is super helpful. I used to take my teen for some facials to prevent acne breakdowns, this came super handy as I can save money and time having it done at home. One think I don’t like is that it’s difficult to find a place to stage it; wish would be easier to disassemble or folding on some way to save space. The steam takes a bit to be strong enough but nothing that bothers me too much.

  5. Jodi Shays

    Great steamer but needs to be able to go higher.
    We love this steamer mag lamp combo. For professional facials with the 5x mag it’s great. Steamer functions well however it would be 100% perfect it was able to raise up higher.

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