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TASALON Microfiber Towel – 10 Pack

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The TASALON microfiber towels are designed to handle professional-grade wear and tear without skipping a beat. With its large size at 29″ x 16″, our hair drying towels can have a wide variety of uses, depending on your salon’s needs. Its premium silk edges prevent any fraying or unravelling after washing. Spoil your customers with a set of ultra-soft black towels, which will allow your clients to feel pampered and comfortable.


Tasalon towel is made of microfiber, which is soft and absorbant to quick dry hair or other dry usage.

Tasalon Microfiber salon Towels Feature

✔️ Very Absorbent

Ideal for hair salons and beauty spas, our microfiber towels are more absorbent than cotton or bamboo towels.

✔️ Larger

Sized at 29″ x 16″, our hair drying towels can have a wide variety of uses, depending on your salon’s needs.

✔️ Super Durable

Made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, our shave towels will last for longer and offer you a bigger ROI.

✔️ Softer

Pamper your demanding clients with our professional salon towels, beautiful and super-soft.

✔️ More Versatile

Our hair towels can double as spa towels for facial, massage towels, nail towels, manicure towels or barbershop towels.



Size: 29*16 inch
Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 7 x 6 inch
Weight: 2lbs
Materials: 80% Polyester + 20% Polyamide


Product details

Microfiber Salon Towels – What Are They? How Do They Work?

A microfiber towel is made from 100% polyester fibers. It has an ultra soft feel and absorbs water quickly.

Microfiber refers to the size of the fiber in the fabric. The smaller the fiber, the softer the material will be. Microfiber towels are great for cleaning dishes, washing hands, and drying hair. They also absorb moisture very well.

These towels are great for hair salons because they don’t absorb oil or grease like cotton towels.

If you’re looking for salon quality towels at home, consider buying these microfiber towels. You’ll find them in beauty supply stores, drugstores, and even some grocery stores.

 The best thing about them is they dry very fast.

These towels are also known as “microfiber” because they are so fine and absorbent. They are perfect for people who wash their hair frequently.

These towels are great for hair salons because they don’t absorb oils or dirt like cotton towels.

If you’re looking for salon quality towels at home, these are the ones to buy. You’ll find them in every major department store and online retailers such as Tasalon.com.

  1. Pat S.

    I received my towels within two days. They are exactly as described and I am very happy with them.

  2. Mr. & Mrs. Nelson

    We ordered towels for our cabin as hand towels for guests In the bathroom. The brown color match the decor and will hides the grime. Great value for 10-pack and we will be able to cycle them out between guests.
    Like all microfiber towels they have a synthetic feeling and often stick to fingers.
    We are not using as hair towels but instead hand towels. The towels are soft and will probably get softer as we wash them. I can confirm 29″ X 16″ TOWELS 10-PACK.

  3. Keonnie

    Perfect size for any size head I use them at my suite great absorption soft lightweight folds away nicely not bulky.

  4. Amisha McMahon

    Just what I needed.
    I use the towels for my barber shop. It hold just enough water so that when I steam them and apply to my client they aren’t dripping with water and leaving my client feeling like they are drowning. The only issue I had is when I washed them in with some of my white towels and white cape and the color bled onto my other things.

  5. Pulido’s

    Mostly good.
    I got these cause I heard it’s best to dry hair using microfiber. One towel dries my hair mostly well but it takes every inch. I think I need something bigger for my hair (medium length). But their smaller size makes them easier to put just about anywhere and I like how they are in bulk. If I drop one I can just grab another. The washing directions are on the box not the towel on a tag. There are no tags. Made me appreciate tags, it’s hard to remember. So write it the directions down or take a picture. They wash well(cold,delicate). I dry in the dryer no heat.

  6. Rob

    Wife loves them. Great absorbency for her hair.

  7. Jacqueline Huling

    Great Towels.
    Love how fast it dries your hair I bought them for my daughter she’s a hairstylist, and she loves them too . I will be buying more.

  8. Kaitlyn Gallagher

    Nice Towels. I bought these towels for my sister who is a hairdresser. She likes them a lot. They are absorbent and soft. They work well for her. I would buy again.

  9. Lulu

    I absolutely love these towels. I use them in my salon for clients and they keep the place Chic and nice. The absorb water pretty fast without completely drying out my clients hair.. highly recommend

  10. PrettyWitty1

    These are great for getting the excess water out of hair! I switched from cotton to microfiber a while back and what a great switch to make!

  11. Discriminating

    Used these towels when applying henna to my hair. Works great. Since I only need to use them every three months for my hair, I use them in the kitchen to absorb water by the edge of the sink. Works great.

  12. Mickey Nash

    I use these as Salon towels… these work great for curly, frizz-prone hair… large enough for a towel dry, or to wrap around shoulders. Larger than a hand towel. Very nice material and high quality… will be ordering more!

  13. Ashlei

    So I bought these towels since I’m at Cosmetology school and we never seem to have any. So I bought my own and these towels work great. They also don’t hold water which is perfect because that means they dry faster. So I am a very very happy customer and will be buying more.

  14. Crystal

    I have a Braiding Boutique and hands down, these are some great towels. They absorb the water from the braids, floor and when I wash my clients hair. Best color is black due to the many colors I come in contact with. You see the color stains. I did wash before use but so far, no problems.

  15. Sarah

    These towels are great! Exactly what I expect out of microfiber towels. Soft and absorbent, perfect “salon” size towel. They don’t show color stains, and so far, haven’t had any problems with lightenerI ESPECIALLY LOVE that there are no tags

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