TASALON Professional 2 in 1 Facial Steamer with 3X Magnifying-White


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OZONE-RICH HOT WIST: The beauty tools produce hot mist that is ozone-rich, it can open your pores, clean oil and dirt will get out of the access. It also can help you to reduce the winkles on the face. Gives the skin a radiant glow for a more youthful appearance.


2-IN-1 facial steamer features:

  • Ionic ozone steam
  • Stainless steel heating pipe
  • 4-leg wheeled stand base
  • Color: white
  • Status: Brand new
  • Mainly Material: ABS
  • Magnification: 3 times


The Best TASALON 2-IN-1 Professional Facial Steamer for you!

Professional Facial Steamer is suitable for beauty home spa, beauty clinic and so on.

  • Warm mist helps to open pores for deep cleansing and moisturizing skin, speed up the circulation of your skin.
  • The steamer for facial is suitable for a variety of skin, help to deal with skin problems.
  • The machine is designed to make ionogenic vapor, which can accelerate skin microcirculation, supply skin with moisture, and serve a function of sterilizing.





LED light skin beautifying tool with 3x magnifying glass, high-quality bright magnifying glass allows you to see the details better.

A button, control switches and timing memory, more convenient and faster.

It opens pores and helps dry skin add moisture, and the steamer is used for deep cleansing of the face.

  1. glogi

    The instructions are so easy for this. It’s like a picture menu. 🙂 I read them thoroughly. It is important to use distilled water since this is much like a humidifier and if you use regular tap water it can produce white dust. The base is pretty sturdy and the whole assembly is fairly light. I do have hardwood floor so I didn’t have any fears of it tipping over, but I could see having that fear with carpet as it is a bit top heavy. I filled the container with distilled water according to the instructions and did my facial. It did leave my skin feeling amazing. So easy to just sit back and let the steam do it’s thing. The light is a nice addition. I initially thought it was a round florescent bulb but it’s actually a group of LED lights. If you press the button it cycles them through three different levels of brightness. I really did like that feature. Well worth it just for the convenience of not going anywhere. I would highly recommend this as opposed to the table top versions.

  2. Rebecca KayRebecca Kay

    This was easy to assemble.Nice quality.Very lightweight and very easy to move around with the wheel base.Multiple uses for myself…I love using the magnifier with light for when I’m doing my nails!The steamer part did not take long to heat up, and a nice stream of steam!

  3. Tina

    kind of little small.but it absolutely suiteble for spa!!!

  4. Missy247Missy247

    Very easy to put together, only took just a few minutes. Same as the salon facial steamer. I can do my facials in the comfort of my own home and save money. The steam is a strong stream so don’t get too close. The led light is bright and the magnifying glass makes all your pores visible. Good quality product.

  5. godmother

    We’ll work the money. Easy to set up and take down to put away. 

  6. Jess

    I like this facial steamer for estheticians. This steamer is design to get deep down in the facial pores and clean the face properly. It is for skin care and deep cleaning. It has a magnifying glass and stainless steel water containers to dispense mist for face moisturizing. This facial steamer can be used by individuals to clean their face and by professionals.

  7. Ms Weasel

    Great product!! Very easy to use and easy to setup!! It takes a while to warm up but when it does it works great!! Serves many purposes!! Get the job and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshing!! Love it!! It’s very lightweight as well!!

  8. Regina

    I really enjoy using this face steamer. Throws out the perfect amount of steam. Love that u can just lay back and relax and enjoy a facial. This is so easy to use u just need to give it a minute warm up. I love this and I would definitely recommend this product.


    This steamer is sturdy and feels like a high quality item. It was easy to set up – I only needed to purchase distilled water to start using it. The steam is strong but very comfortable. The light is bright with three settings. The magnifying glass is a nice addition that helps with doing facials on others. After the steaming option, I feel like products were better absorbed.

  10. moonblossom

    This steamer / mag lamp combination is easy to assemble and easy to use. It has push button and a timer to operate. The height range is not great but is comparable to many others of this type.

  11. Angel

    It’s really nice I wish it was option to make it taller!

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