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TASALON Salon Mirror 901U

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Our premium handheld mirror is a great accessory that allows your clients to check out their fresh haircut at the back and make sure they are completely satisfied with the result. The shatterproof mirror features crystal-clear tempered glass that offers a large viewing angle. It has an integrated silicone-covered handle that is easy to use and super versatile too.



Size: 12.2 x 9 x 0.19 inch
Weight: 0.96 lb

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Tasalon salon mirror 901U features crystal-clear tempered glass that offers a large viewing angle. It has an integrated silicone-covered handle that is easy to use and super versatile too.

Salon Mirror 901U Features

  1. Top-quality professional tempered glass mirror
  2. HD clear design
  3. Shatterproof mirror
  4. Soft silicone handle
  5. Hangable, handheld or lean standing use

If you are interested in salon mirror double handle, please click for more details.


Size: 12.2 x 9 x 0.19 inch

Weight: 0.96 lb


Product details

  1. Anna

    Well made. Makes a nice wall mirror when slipped on a hook when not hand held.

  2. tubber Dtubber D

    I love this mirror. Super light ~1 lb. The handle has a gripper pad so it does not slip around when hold and makes it easy to hang.The mirror it self is ~ 7 inches x 7 inches. I could easily hold the mirror with one hand, and take the photo with my phone from the other hand. And could see my back with no problems.I have put this mirror in our camping stuff so that I can hang it and be able to see my whole face and hair. Even the Hubby like its to shave with.

  3. Aadan

    I purchased this for a 3 month travel/camping trip. It’s definitely durable, and unlike the mirrors marketed for camping, it doesn’t distort the image. My husband discovered a perfect place to place it for shaving. Used daily, taking it in and out of our teardrop camper, and it still looks like new.

  4. PampakesPampakes

    This large handheld mirror is sturdy and slim so it’s easy to carry around and store. The rectangle gives it a large surface area so it’s easy to see. The images are clear and not distorted at all. The frame is sturdy and holds the glass securely. The slim design allows us to slide it in and out of bags and to store upright. The flat bottom and rubber handle allows us to lean it against the wall and make an impromptu makeup/hair area. It’s great for portable use!

  5. Mama AshMama Ash

    I am a professional hairdresser and I was very impressed by this hand held mirror. It’s much more durable and sturdy than others on the market. The handle is comfortable and the size is perfect for clients to see the back of their hair. It looks nice too with chrome color and black accents. I have ordered various products from this brand and have been very happy with everything.

  6. Teri!

    I was looking for a rectangle mirror to stand up (sideways) in a drawer. Came across this one and I’m glad I did. The mirrors that have the long handle wouldn’t stay in place without tipping and because they weren’t made with the material this mirror is made out of, I was worried it was going to break. Very sturdy and large mirror!!

  7. Ody lady

    I use this in my bathroom at home just to see the back of my hair. I got this mirror because the traditional ones with a long handle always fall over or break. This is nice because it doesn’t slip if I sit it on the counter and lean it against the wall. Also a good size for a handheld mirror.

  8. Lisa

    So useful for checking out the back of my hair. I don’t know why I didn’t buy one sooner. I just realized that I haven’t looked at the back of my hair in years. Lol I guess I always figure that if the back of my hair doesn’t look great, I’d never know. I went to the salon about a week before I ordered this mirror. My hairdresser had one just like this, and I remembered really liking hers, so when I saw this one, I immediately wanted to pick it. I love the nice, large handle, and the mirror is a really good size. It’s not too heavy, but well made and sturdy. It looked just like glass to me when I got it, I had to check twice because I thought maybe they made a mistake in the description. But no, it’s not glass, but still looks great. Very happy with it.

  9. nile

    Sturdy good quality

  10. Yarieartistry

    Thick protective case. Nice grip handle. Awesome mirror for traveling.

  11. Billie LBillie L

    This mirror is lightweight. It has a decent sized mirror. The handle has silicone on it to help grip easily.I got this to use in my shower. The steam from the hot water helps my pores. And using this mirror as I put on my face scrubs and masks. Really makes everything easier and less messy!When I’m done I just hang the mirror on a hook!

  12. Jarrah Comer

    I love this mirror and it fits perfectly in my traveling pro makeup kit!

  13. Expat

    I got this after my kids broke a mirror for about the fifth time. Why didn’t I think of acrylic sooner?? This is an awesome mirror, easy to grip, nice big surface, very pleasing. I took off one star because I really wish it had a built-in stand for use on a table–we have to set it up with books behind it and a phone with a rubber case in front of it to keep it from slipping. That’s a bit of a pain. The mirror would be perfect if it only had a folding stand too. But if you only want it for hand-held use, it’s perfect.

  14. DJefferson

    I really likenthis mirror. It is sturdy and fashionable. It is also easy to handle. The rubber grip makes it easy to hold.

  15. DjRubaDjRuba

    Looks like a type of metal but it’s plastic.It is lightweight and a very good size to check out the back of your hair while styling. The mirror looks set in quite well even though the bumper is painted plastic. I received one that had some minor scratches here and there and the mirror has a small stain inside the mirror , other than that it serves it’s purpose and i don’t have to worry about it breaking.

  16. J. P. Wellborn

    BEFORE: My previous handheld mirror fell off my counter while I was brushing my teeth (which will always be a mystery to me). Now, any decent mirror would have stayed intact and rendered an interesting Picasso-esque version of my face, but instead the dental-floss-thin imposter freakishly exploded into a mess of dangerous shards and splinters. AFTER: My whole face fits into this new one and it’s a great help for rear views while cutting my own hair. The big catch for me is that it’s reportedly hard to break. Rubberized grips on the handle make it easy to set up against my vanity wall, preventing accidental dental spasms. It set me back a few dollars more, but it’s worth it. I recommend it. The image is clear and actually flattering. Oh stop! This old mug?

  17. Edward Mishanski

    Excellent product

  18. @youcantseeme

    I needed a new hand held mirror for my bathroom–I love this is much more sturdy and resistant to breaking that my last mirror–which broke!

  19. kel004

    Bought this for a toddler (almost 2 yrs old) to have as their mirror and after about 9 months of use and abuse it is still completely intact and reflects perfectly.

  20. Tommy ETommy E

    I cut my own hair, and that requires me to have a mirror to make sure all looks even with the fade in the back. This mirror certainly does the job as it feels good to hold, is light, and easy to see what I am doing behind my head. I only wish it was just 1”x1” smaller and it would be better sized for me as I feel it is rather large. Not sure how I feel about taking it on road trips with me. Other than that, it’s a great mirror!

  21. MysterIe

    The mirror provides a nice clear reflection, and is easy to use and hold. I also found the handle portion is perfect for hanging on a couple small wall-hooks.How “unbreakable” it is, I don’t know, but I expect it would probably survive being dropped.

  22. The Serious Buyer

    Very nice loved it

  23. SeaTownGirl12

    I bought this for just personal use in my bathroom. I’ve broken so many of the normally shaped ones. This is lightweight, easy to hold and looking at the back of myself when needed is easy peasy in front of my bathroom mirror. I don’t know how durable or unbreakable it really is, haven’t really had an occasion to *test* that unbreakableness lol.

  24. Steven

    I like this mirror. It’s a mirror. It’s a little bigger than what I thought it would be but it works out well for me when I cut my hair. It’s actually the right size for that. I just can’t store it where I want to but it is what it’s described to be. It functions perfectly. The rubber around the handles works well against the mirror slipping when I lean it against the counter.

  25. Patricia Jo Foster

    Good quality.

  26. jay alexander

    The weight is nice and heavy – the handle is very helpful and it’s nice and large! Love this mirror!

  27. Vic Barber

    It’s larger than what I was expecting but that is okay. I dropped it to test to see if it would break or not and it did not break. It’s easy to hold with a rubber grip handle and does not fog up in the shower.

  28. Gary

    Perfect for the salon, lightweight great size and quality mirror.

  29. PL

    Great mirror. Easy to handle. Good size. Durable and good price.

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