Barbershop special hair apron high-end custom logo haircut non-stick adult home hair salon hair cutting apron

Barbershop special hair apron high-end custom logo haircut non-stick adult home hair salon hair cutting apron
Nov 18, 2022admin

Free custom logo professional design team.Customized anti-static without cutting apron.
Service method, method 1: to map customization; Method 2: Select the template for details, and we design
One piece of customized anti-static non-staining fashion trend quality assurance, environmental protection and hygiene, increase and thicken. The new product is listed with high-grade hair cutting bibs, smooth, anti-static, non-sticky hair, classic inheritance and extraordinary workmanship.

Product features

  1. No stained hair, broken hair is easy to clean up
  2. Hemming process: the thread is neat and clean, and there is a sense of quality to prevent opening

  1. Three cables: the neck belt has three running lines encrypted design, and the tightening effect is better

Product Information

Style  As shown
Product name:  professional beauty salon bib
Specifications: length 165cm wide 140cm Neckline diameter:40cm
Color: white, gray
Fabric:  special fiber silk
Use: Cover the hair chips cut during the haircut, keep it clean in the process of hair dyeing to protect the clothes from pollution and a barbershop uses the size of the standard type non-stick hair, anti-static and waterproof, bright color, soft and smooth fabric, suitable for hair cutting, hair dyeing, perm, hair mask, care, etc.

Focus on beauty salon, product information plane size diagram:

Use and maintenance

Wash the reverse side of the water temperature below 30 degrees, it is recommended to wash it by hand and knead it gently, please use the light kneading mode for machine washing, iron the reverse side at low temperature, and hang to dry. Since the fabric is made of chemical fiber, it may cause slight static electricity during the dry season, and fine hair may be sticky. It is recommended to use a softener soak for 3 to 5 minutes per wash to effectively eliminate static electricity and solve the problem of fine hair sticking.
It takes 4 to 6 days for the printing to dry thoroughly, and it can be used normally after receiving the goods. However, please do not wash before it is completely dried, and if you are not using it temporarily, you should also unpack and store it in a cool, ventilated and dry place for a few days before storing.