3 Essential Pieces of Furniture for Your Beauty Salon

3 Essential Pieces of Furniture for Your Beauty Salon
Nov 24, 2020admin
It’s essential for beauty salons to have the best equipment to be a quality establishment, especially in California. Not only does good furniture provide your customers with a better experience, but it also makes your job easier.
There’s always the off-chance that a potential customer might turn away from your salon because of the lack of a distinctly professional look that comes with having quality furniture.
Here are a few must-have pieces of furniture for your beauty salon:

Salon Stools

It’s vital that your clients have a place to comfortably sit as you work your magic on them, and a salon stool provides just that. They’re easy to move and turn around, providing a high level of maneuverability for when you’re providing your services to your customers.
You should ensure that the stools’ height can be adjusted to make your work easier and guarantee the client’s comfort. Our rolling tool chairs are also easy to clean, which comes in handy after a haircut. They are made to last and can handle quite the wear and tear thanks to the premium AAA aluminum base construction, as well as 360-degree rotation with the help of the Whisper Glide Wheels that move quietly and provide you with free movement to move your office around without getting up.
A round, black seat stool with wheels on the bottom and height-adjusting lever.

Salon Trolley

A salon trolley seems like a small addition, but it goes a long way when it comes to the ease of maneuverability it provides. You can use it to set up all the items you could need for a client—especially when the space gets cramped. You can move the salon trolley just enough that it doesn’t come in your way and remain within your reach.
Going with a stainless-steel design is a bonus, as it resists water while looking fantastic with its minimalist and contemporary look. Our salon tray are multipurpose with adjustable height and a free moving rolling base, which makes it easy to move around with stable and smooth rolling. And added bonus is that the tray is stain and corrosion-resistant.


A salon mirror is a no-brainer for salons; you can’t have enough of them. It lets the client see how your services have transformed them so they can give you immediate feedback on what they think about the changes.
For haircuts, you could put up mirrors on the wall behind the client at an angle that can help get a good view of the back of their head. Our salon mirror boasts a lightweight design made of tempered glass and is easy for you to hold. The wide-angle view allows clients to get the best angle to see their fresh cut in detail and with zero distortion. The anti-slip texture makes it comfortable to hold even with wet hands. Additionally, the mirror is resistant to damage as well.
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