4 Salon and Spa Tips to Help Your Business during COVID-19

4 Salon and Spa Tips to Help Your Business during COVID-19
Dec 28, 2020admin
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Nationwide lockdowns—in response to the surge of coronavirus—impacted all industries this year. While citizens could still access to essential services, non-essential businesses suffered from severe losses due to immediate shutdowns.
Since salons and other beauty services come under non-essential services, they underwent profound financial and infrastructural impacts of the pandemic.
Although the beauty industry usually has a 4-5% annual growth rate, McKinsey reports a 15% decline due to these pandemic-induced shutdowns. However, there’s still hope for salons to get back on their feet as they prepare to resume operations when the lockdown is lifted.
Beauty salon owners must adapt to the challenges of the new normal for their business. From investing in new salon equipment to altering operation methods, there are several things salon owners must do to keep their beauty salon businesses afloat during the economic downturn.
Here are some of them:

Reduce Unnecessary Physical Contact

Your priority should be to make your salon a safe and healthy space for your clients and staff. While maintaining a six-foot distance must be mandatory, take an additional preventative step by implementing virtual check-ins through online waivers and forms. As a result, you’ll be minimizing physical contact among clients and employees by eliminating waiting room check-ins.
Another option is to invest in personal devices that allow staff members to safely handle counter services from retail to book-keeping from their digital devices. Offering contactless checkout service during these uncertain times will save your clients’ time and assure them that they’re in safe hands.
Encourage your regular customers to pre-book appointments virtually to avoid increased physical contact and a crowded salon.

Streamline Your Operations

If you wish to run a smooth-running salon business with enhanced customer service and minimum physical contact wherever possible, you must streamline your business operations too.
Offer online booking services and provide flexible slots that allow your staff to conduct a thorough and efficient cleaning routine between appointments. Schedule clients for different timings to prevent several people from arriving at the salon simultaneously.
Consider offering essential services instead of a full menu at this moment. Optimize the service cycle time by helping clients prep for treatments at home.

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Keep the Space Clean

Clean your salon regularly according to the CDC regulations for salon and barbershop employees, disinfecting all high-touch surfaces to give clients a peace of mind.
Use autoclaves to sterilize salon equipment and eco-friendly disinfectants for your salon mirrors and chairs.

Invest in New Salon Supplies

Invest in clean and disinfected salon supplies like towels and capes to ensure your client’s health and safety throughout all treatments. Reach out to a reliable salon equipment supplier to purchase salon capes and towels in bulk quantities, and ensure you wash them thoroughly after every use.
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