Characteristics of Profitable Hairdressing Shops

Characteristics of Profitable Hairdressing Shops
May 03, 2023admin
There are many people who open a hairdressing shop that makes money, and there are many who lose money. Although the business of different hairdressing salons is very different, the following eight characteristics must be possessed by making money. hairdressing

shops have a "soul figure"
In the complex and fierce market environment, hairdressing shops must have a core figure, that is, money-making hairdressing shops have a "soul figure".
Running a hairdressing shop must have a specific "business feel", that is, understanding the target customers of a particular hairdressing shop, preparing marketable products, setting appropriate price policies, and taking effective promotional measures, which depend on specific "soul people". While some marketing theories and techniques can help, they rely more heavily on personal intuition and experience.
At the same time, the hairdressing shop business is full of people every day, thousands of things, if not dealt with in time, may affect the business performance of the hairdressing shop, and even affect the survival of the hairdressing shop, there must also be timely decision-making and processing, hairdressing shop business is a "people" business.
Therefore, opening a profitable hairdressing shop must have a "soul figure" to timely and correctly open the hairdressing shop business. This person may be the boss; It could also be Aung's hairdressing shop manager, or even a specific employee. In short, there must be such a person, preferably the boss, of course.

2. innovation has

a future
Only hairdressing shops that strive to innovate will have a future. Conformism or imitation of others is bound to fail. Any hairdressing shop must show its own characteristics in order to create added value and increase the number of customers. Business will always encounter difficulties and setbacks, which depends on the boss to break through, must show courage and determination, and seek opportunities in innovation. The hairdressing shop business is usually a "bunch" business, competitors may be next door, and it is impossible to form its own competitive advantage without innovation. In Hong Kong, if a hairdresser changes its signboard, within three days, the entire street will be replaced, which shows how much pressure there is on the hairdresser's business innovation.

3. Pursue growth

If you do not pursue growth or challenge to higher goals, you can only retreat without progress. The growth of a business is usually measured by turnover. In order to expand turnover, it is necessary to strengthen all related activities, such as fund raising, on-site sales, etc.
Only if you want to do a good job in the business and become a bigger hairdressing shop, will you have enough motivation to improve the operating level of the hairdressing shop, and can you cope with the competition of peers and the challenges of the market. The hairdresser business never ends.

4. Ensure reasonable profits

To do business, you must obtain reasonable profits. Everyone knows that a loss-making business cannot be done, and opening a profitable hairdressing shop business is even further, and a business without reasonable profits cannot be done. The so-called reasonable profit means that in addition to making money, you must also earn a certain level of profit.

5. Take the customer as the starting point

Business must take the customer's vision as the starting point so that he can buy what he needs. The value concept of customers is not necessarily the same as that of hairstylists, not to mention that customers are also divided into men, women and children. The hairstylist should try to understand the customer's needs and then meet him. To run a hairdresser, you must think of yourself as a customer so that you can try to understand the needs of your customers.

6. Listen to customers' opinions

As mentioned earlier, it is important to understand the needs of customers. The best thing to do, of course, is to listen to your customers. Run a business, brainstorm ideas, and then do what needs to be done, so that you can be undefeated. If you only focus on promoting products and do not listen to customers, you will not be welcomed by the public. In the process of business, with a humble attitude, listen to the customer's opinion, as long as you persevere, the business will surely become more and more prosperous.

7. Grasp theopportunity

The key to the success of business lies in whether you can grasp the opportunity. It is usually necessary to choose the right time to conduct customer consumption surveys. All hairdresser businesses have cycles, and operating performance in off-season and peak seasons varies greatly. Timing is the "time of day" in the hairdressing shop business; "Geographical advantage" is the location of Ang's hairdressing shop; "People" is the loyalty of customers and the cohesion of hairdresser staff.
The sustainability of the hairdresser's business depends on the location, people, and people; Whether you can make money, especially a lot of money, depends entirely on the timing. Money-making hairdressers have seized the crucial moment. 8. The modern market is a personalized market. Ang's styling market is said to wash, cut and blow, fight is a price war, if you want customers to come to the door, you must have some characteristics.
The characteristics of opening a profitable hairdressing shop must of course meet the needs of customers. As for how to play, it should be considered individually. In addition to paying attention to the location and opening conditions, it is also necessary to consider the income level, cultural level and so on in the area.
Actually, features are not limited to services. Other decorations that meet the positioning, sincere employees, as long as one or two of these characteristics are played, it is enough to attract customers to the door.