Your Guide to Hooded Hair Steamers

Your Guide to Hooded Hair Steamers
Feb 06, 2023admin
Millions of women across the world struggle with dry, dehydrated, lifeless hair. Yet few take the necessary steps to give their locks the attention they need. One easy and surefire way to give your hair the moisture, and care it needs is to use a hooded hair steamer.
Today, we’ll look at how a hooded hair steamer works, what are its benefits for your hair, and how you can use it.
Note: We’re using the TASALON Standing Rolling Hooded Hair Steamer as a guide in this article.

So, what does a hair steamer do?

The idea behind the hair steamer is a fairly straightforward one. A hair steamer effectively steams your hair, which in turn opens the hair strand follicles. This allows hair care products like conditioners, oils, and moisturizers to penetrate the hair in-depth, and work their magic.
It also provides a little pick-me-up when your natural curls are looking a little weighed-down, and dry.

The hood hair steamer benefits


1. It’s a lifesaver for low-porosity hair.

Low porosity hair is actually really dry hair that has trouble absorbing helpful care products. Applying conditioner or gels to low-porosity hair results in greasy, lifeless locks (since the product sits on the strand, rather than in).
A hooded hair steamer can help force open low-porosity hair, exposing them to nutritive products.
tasalon standing ionic hair dryer

2. It helps hair let go of grime.

Medium- and high-porosity hair types, on the other hand, absorb product all too quickly. Meaning that when you clean your hair, some may still remain stuck inside the hair strand.
By opening the hair follicle, a hair steamer makes your hair release even the most stubborn traces of product, bringing about a deep clean.

3. It supports deep conditioning.

Deep conditioning is a surefire way to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Once again, a steamer opens up the hair strand, causing it to absorb the deep conditioner you apply afterward, and become hydrated from the inside.
All in all, a hooded hair steamer is an essential component of your journey toward long, healthy hair.

How often should you use a hair steamer?

Once you’re caught up on all the benefits, you’ll want to use one every day. But don’t, as too much steaming can actually damage the hair. For starters, steam your hair once a week and pay attention to your hair. Each hair type is a little different, so watch how your strands react and decide if you need to use it more or less.
How long is a steaming session?
The good thing about steaming is, it’s beneficial even if you only do it for 5 minutes. However, to get the most out of your session, you’ll want to steam your hair for between 20 and 30 minutes.

How to use a hair steamer


Step #1. Have your products handy.

Before you steam, you want to keep your deep conditioner nearby, so you can apply it to freshly steamed hair.

Step #2. Get comfy.

Ideally, this should be a little time for relaxation, so set up your steamer somewhere where you can sit comfortably for 20-30 minutes.

Step #3. Do the little steam.

Do not apply any product yet. Steam freshly washed hair for 5-7 minutes, to open up the follicles. For the standing hair dryer, you need to fill the water tank and set the appropriate steam time.

Step #4. Apply product.

Once you’ve steamed for 5-7 minutes, you want to come out from underneath the steamer, and apply your conditioner of choice.

Step #5. Steam again.

Next, set another steam session for 15-20 minutes, to allow the conditioner to properly penetrate the hair.

Step #6. Rinse.

Once the steaming time is done, the steamer will turn off. Rinse your hair with some cool water, to lock in the product, and apply any hair oils, if you use any.
Note: Some hooded steamers may drip a little hot water, which can be unpleasant. Try opening the hole on top of the steamer, to release excess steam. Alternatively, use a towel to protect your neck from dripping water.

Should you get a hair steamer?

Yes! The TASALON hooded hair steamer release warm mist to steam your hair. It gives a professional-grade service, leaving you looking like you just came from the spa, and it’s easy to use at home.