3 Design & Layout Tips for the Perfect Beauty Salon

3 Design & Layout Tips for the Perfect Beauty Salon
Jan 11, 2021admin
We live in a competitive world, subject to continuous change due to technological advancement and new talent. Businesses today find themselves constantly struggling to implement new changes to fit into this new era.
90% of companies today make efforts to remain in business with stable profits. Beauty salons worldwide constitute a $500 billion industry, where it has become necessary for salon owners to maintain amicable client relationships and attract as many new clients as possible.
A salon’s location and interior design is something a potential client takes into account before choosing a salon’s services. Therefore, it’s critical to keep the space well-equipped with high-quality salon furniture, equipment, salon trolleys, and trays.
The hair salon designs layouts is one of the most important aspects of your business. It greatly influences the clientele you will attract. Here are some tips to create a good hair salon layout.
Here are some salon designing tips to help you stay in business with increased revenues:


If you’re trying to impress your customers, focus on your salon’s entrance because it has a strong visual impact.
You can add false ceilings with perforated counter walls in this area to give a 3D effect to the horizontal and vertical surfaces. Plus, highlighting this space with strip LED lights and spotlights can also make it look welcoming and homey.
Don’t forget about the shelves and counters in your salon. Ensure that you pick the right rack and counter colors to suit your salon’s walls and lighting. Provide a scenic effect by constructing two curved walls to separate the entrance from the treatment hall.
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Regardless of what services your salon provides, you’ll need a mirror for top-notch customer service; it’s a critical component of any salon design.
Consider your salon size before picking a suitable salon mirror. It’s better to choose a massive wall mirror for your salon. This will give an illusion of a bigger space.
Moreover, purchase appropriately-sized styling mirrors for every salon chair to ensure clients are satisfied with their look.

Salon Furniture

Prioritize your client’s comfort when furnishing your salon. Salon treatments can go on for hours. Therefore, make sure you pick out salon furniture that offers a comfortable experience for your customers.
80% of people today suffer from lower backache issues. Invest in beauty salon chairs that will suit the contours of the back. An excellent seating facility will make your specialty treatments, including hair, nails, and massages, easier and well-appreciated by your clients.
You can achieve this by choosing high-quality beauty salon furniture from a reliable salon equipment supplier in California like TASALON.
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