A guide to buying quality salon furniture on a tight budget

A guide to buying quality salon furniture on a tight budget
Jun 23, 2022admin

A great salon not only offers amazing service, but also high-quality furniture that customers can enjoy during their appointments. However, not every salon owner has endless money to spend on furniture. Here is a guide to buying quality salon furniture on a tight budget.

Research Average Prices

When buying quality salon furniture on a tight budget, the first thing you need to do is research the average price. In order to create a proper budget for yourself, you need to know the typical salon furniture prices. Take the time to look for some pricing guides that give you an estimated range of numbers to keep in mind. Make a list of the main pieces of furniture you want to buy, then find out the average price of these items to help you create a budget.

Set Your Budget

Once you've researched the average price of salon furniture, you can set a budget. Keep these estimated prices in mind when creating an appropriate budget for yourself. You want to make sure you set a reasonable budget that gives you a little wiggle room in case you might need it.

A guide to buying quality salon furniture on a tight budget

However, you want to avoid setting an overly high budget. Make sure you live within your means to avoid overspending.

Find Trustworthy Manufacturers

Now that you've decided on your budget, you can find a trustworthy manufacturer. You want to avoid buying cheap, poorly made furniture that will eventually break down over time – not that you have to buy the most expensive items on the market. You can find affordable salon furniture from quality manufacturers that will last and look amazing in your business. Make sure to check the reviews when choosing a manufacturer to know if they are trustworthy. You'll also need to look for businesses that offer at least a 3-year warranty on their products.

Find Package Deals

Once you know which manufacturers to buy from, you can start looking for a package deal. Bundles and package deals are an excellent way for you to save money and stay on budget. So, if you see any trustworthy manufacturer that you're interested in buying from offering package deals, you should take this opportunity. Doing so allows you to buy several pieces of salon furniture at the same time at a discounted price.

Consider Your Specific Needs

When you're looking for salon furniture for your business, you need to consider your specific needs. First, ask yourself which projects are the most important and which are absolutely prioritized. This process will give you an idea of which furniture you should be looking for and which may not be needed. For example, if you already have a quality shampoo bowl, you can remove it from your list of furniture to buy and instead focus on furniture that you don't already have.

Facilitate when necessary. For example, if you notice that your salon tends to have a large number of customers on weekends and you need proper seating to wait, make reception furniture a priority. You want to make sure that the furniture you buy meets the needs of the salon.

Reception Furniture

One of the main spaces in the salon that needs furniture is the reception area. So, when you're looking for quality salon furniture on a tight budget, you need to include some reception furniture to boost your business. The reception area is the first impression a client makes when they enter your salon, so you want to make sure your reception furniture reflects the design and professionalism of your other business spaces.

Reception Seating

When you think about what you need in the reception area, you need to keep the reception seating in mind. You need to make sure that you provide the right number of seats for your customers. You never want a situation where a client has to stand while waiting for an appointment because there aren't enough seats. Therefore, you should equip the reception area of the salon with plenty of seating to accommodate customers even on the busiest days.

You also need to make sure your seat is comfortable while customers wait. To do this, you should prioritize affordable, comfortable seating with enough space for all customers.

Front Desk

The reception is another part of the reception area that is worth considering when you buy furniture for the salon. As mentioned earlier, the reception area is the first impression a customer makes when they enter the salon, so you want to make sure you make a good impression!

Your front desk will say a lot about your business. If it's disorganized, poorly organized, and poorly attended, that's the first impression customers have of your business. However, if you have a stunning, well-organized, and well-run front desk, customers will be impressed and ready to book another appointment. Therefore, you should look for the right front desk and chairs for your salon space.

Service Area Furniture

Another major space within the salon that needs to be furnished is the service area. The service area is where your employees and stylists offer salon services to their customers. These areas can include styling stations, shampoo stations, blow dryers, etc. When you're looking for quality salon furniture for your business, you need to prioritize service area furniture.

Salon Chairs

Salon chairs are furniture that your clients are likely to spend most of their time during appointments. Therefore, you want to make sure that your salon chair is comfortable and of high quality. Make sure you buy a chair with at least a three-year warranty and that it's from one of the trusted manufacturers we've mentioned earlier.

Salon Stations

The salon station is another piece of furniture that will have many uses in your salon. But, again, you want to make sure you buy a high-quality product that comes with a warranty from a trusted company. You want your salon station to have large, accessible mirrors, plenty of storage space, and any other necessities your particular business might need.

Now that you've read this guide to buy high-quality salon furniture on a tight budget, you can try these strategies and techniques for your business today. Check out Tasalon's wholesale salon equipment for all the needs of your business.