Barbershop decoration case Barbershop design Styling shop decoration

Barbershop decoration case Barbershop design Styling shop decoration
Dec 04, 2022admin
City Jian'an has been focusing on ** hairdressing shop, barber shop, modeling shop ** and other space design, construction, soft decoration integration of professional interior decoration design for 18 years, and has a large-scale Shenzhen tooling company with special grade B qualification for architectural decoration engineering design, grade II professional contracting qualification for building decoration engineering and building safety production license.

As a large-scale beauty salon decoration design, it will generally express high-end nobility as much as possible in the decoration style, giving customers the perfect experience they want. Large hairdressing shops because of the relatively large area, the service of the population belongs to the high consumption level, the economic ability is higher, the requirements for the store are relatively high, so in order to meet the needs of such customers not only to provide efficient products, high-quality service and noble decoration style, in the place where customers go to show elegance, dignified, professional, satisfied visual enjoyment and energy level satisfaction. The interior planning of the salon decoration depends primarily on the beauty project to be launched, so it overcomes the difficulty of other hairdressers finding a useful planning solution. In general, the internal planning of a hairdressing salon includes the following aspects:

1. Front desk reception area

The first thing that should be considered in decorating the hairdressing shop is the front desk reception area, which is the local area where the hairdresser and customers have frequent contact, and should be based on convenience, generally located in the left area or in the center after entering the door. It should take up as much space as possible in the store. The equipment of the hospitality area includes chairs and tables for ushers, as well as comfortable chairs for customers, and tables in the reception area should be equipped with telephones, estimated registration forms, computers and cash registers. Hangers and umbrella racks should be placed close to the door. The reception area should also be equipped to serve drinks so that customers can feel like they are full of pillows. The display of products, posters, etc. should also be displayed in the reception area, the color of the display shelf should be mainly light, the lighting should be soft, to prevent direct light from causing product transformation.

2. Rest area for employees

Provide rest and dining areas for employees, and there should be lockers for employees' personal belongings. If the space is large enough, you can also hold staff meetings here, and place video recorders for employees to watch programs or staff training.

3. Administrative work area

Decorate the administrative work area of the hairdressing shop for entertaining visitors and negotiating official business, and can be equipped with administrative, personnel and other related material file cabinets, telephones, computers, and posters or other artworks as decorations. The decoration style of the hairdressing shop franchise is bright and dazzling to attract people's attention. Young people are looking for identity, like color resistance, like mavericks, so bright and dazzling decoration can quickly attract young characteristic customers. The advantage of this type of decoration style is that it simply attracts young customers, and the disadvantage is that middle-aged and elderly customers do not simply bear this kind of style. The advantage of such decoration is that the whole store is integrated, after atmospheric decoration and color mixing, showing a shocking effect, just a glance is deeply inextricable, its disadvantage is that the overall decoration cost is relatively high, if the decoration is too high-end may extend the distance with customers.

4. Guest waiting area

Guest waiting areas should be placed with comfort in mind so that customers are happy to wait patiently. Magazines and newspapers are available for customers to flip through, and televisions are placed to kill customers. If the store is spacious, consider setting up a VIP room where guests can lie comfortably while waiting.

5. Operation operation area

As far as the decoration design of the hairdressing shop is concerned, the operation area should be clean, the equipment should be clean and perfect, the interior should be quiet and have outstanding privacy, and the space should accommodate a customer, a beautician and the required equipment and materials without congestion, and choose rectangular rooms.
The decor of the operating area should be discreet, modern and professional, creating a soothing atmosphere that makes guests feel completely relaxed. In addition, the operation area should have a sufficient power supply to drive various instruments and equipment, supply hot and cold water at any time, and adhere to the appropriate temperature and ventilation.