Barbershop training staff summary:Does hairdressing salon training staff need to change the way?

Barbershop training staff summary:Does hairdressing salon training staff need to change the way?
Mar 12, 2023admin
Barbershops need to change the way they train their staff?
Some people will ask, it is often heard that hair salon franchisees train employees, but why is the training not so effective? What is the reason for the bottleneck in the training of hair salon staff? The main one is the training method: it is too rigid to follow the needs of socialist marketization, and the trainees can only be passively accepted in this process, and it is difficult to obtain nutrients from it. So how do hair salon franchisees train their employees? Now share them for you one by one:

First. One-to-one

Many trainings are in the form of intensive training, all employees participate together, if coupled with the rigidity and old training methods, in this way, you can only listen to the heavenly book, but also cause employees' indifference and disgust, and have no practical meaning. If you can carry out a one-to-one program for employees, this can not only make the training more in-depth, but also strengthen the thinking mode of employees, so that the training goes deep into the bottom and fully combines with their own positions or work, and on the other hand, compared to employees, it is also more targeted and can be more conducive to their own progress.

Second, the on-site statement

Speaking in person is a popular word in recent years, and on-site speaking is a very important method of training. Through on-site demonstration, different training programs can be developed for employees through the performance of employees, and on-site guidance can be provided for employees' deficiencies. This training method, the main thing is to further strengthen the awareness of employees, deepen the thinking of employees, so that employees can absorb and accept faster.

Third, table communication

We know that Chinese eating takes a long time, because the average Chinese likes to exchange feelings at the dinner table. For the staff of the hair salon franchise store, table communication is a relatively relaxed environment, which can help the clerk solve some troubles through the words on the table, and channel the bad emotions of employees, which plays a guiding role in the emotions of employees.

Fourth. Entertainment competitions

In the process of developing hair salon franchise stores, it mainly relies on the strength of the team. The team is a place that can give store staff a sense of belonging, discipline and responsibility, so in the training, you can also use this way, plus entertainment competitions, you can change the usual boring training methods, and its way can make employees in a relatively relaxed environment, more willing to take the initiative to release their passion, so as to improve the enthusiasm and initiative of employees.