Barbershops can't make money and can only say that you can't manage!

Barbershops can't make money and can only say that you can't manage!
Sep 02, 2022admin

Barbershops can't make money and can only say that you can't manage!

Many people who open hairdressing shops wonder why business is getting worse and harder to earn money, because you don't know what management really needs to do.

Step 1

Learn the basic techniques of hairdressing

More than 80% of hairdressers and assistant technicians in the hairdressing industry today are not professionally trained. They wash their hair just clean, and they don't live up to the standard of enjoyment. Perms are just flowers, and they don't meet fashion standards at all. Hair dyeing is also frequent and uneven, and hair cutting is only cut short according to customer requirements, not to mention fashion. Even many hairdressers don't connect hair. Excuse me, is such a hairdressing shop still called a hairdressing shop? As a boss, you can not be technical, but please let employees learn professional skills. In this way, our hairdressing shop can be called a hairdressing shop, a styling shop, and our hairdressing shop will be recognized by customers.

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Step 2

Learn the knowledge of hairdressing shop management

As the owner or manager of a hairdressing shop, you can not be technical, but you must know how to manage business, know how to use people, and know how to regularize, systematize, professionalize, standardize, and data the hairdressing shop, so that your hairdressing shop will grow steadily. To this end, in the future, we will successively push dry goods articles on the location selection to decoration, from market positioning to employee recruitment, from management to marketing planning, from talent training to team building, from service to sales, from customer development to annual planning, etc.

Step 3

Learn high-end hairdressing technology

Improve professional skills and improve the quality of hairdressing shops. Nowadays, many famous hairdressing shops require hairstylists to be professional, require hairstylists to have learned Sassoon, and even use Sassoon technology as a stepping stone. But learning Sassoon once is only a few days, and it costs tens of thousands of yuan to eat, live and pay tuition, and not every hairstylist has the time and money to study. Therefore, the platform will specially prepare some detailed video teaching materials for everyone in the future, including theory and practice, so that your hairdressing shop can step into the ranks of quality stores.

hairdressing shops can't make money can only say that you can't manage!_Technology

Step 4

Strengthen sales capabilities and open branches

When your hairdressing shop has completed the above three steps, the next step is to know how to quickly make a profit, quickly return funds, prepare for the opening of branches, and at the same time know how to increase brand awareness in a simple, fast and low-cost way. Whether you are a hairdresser, a hairdresser, or an entrepreneur, it is essential for you!