Blow hair with tips to protect your hair! Hair blowing tricks.

Blow hair with tips to protect your hair! Hair blowing tricks.
Apr 02, 2023admin
Blow hair with tips to protect your hair!
In life, in fact, in terms of image display, hair is also one of the important contents, but most people are perfunctory to hair, because busy work makes people slow down, and there is even less concern for their own health. Hair is very important for impressions, and hair can also reflect your physical health, so always pay attention to the health of your hair inside and out. How to blow your hair in a healthy and fast way? The editor has compiled some tips for bringing to you.

1. Blow your hair separately

Now divide the hair to make it easier to blow the hair partition, and the hairstylist in the barbershop will also divide the hair when blowing the customer’s hair and clamp the hair that is not blown. First, comb the upper layer of hair to the top of the head, blow dry the lower layer of hair, and then divide the upper layer of hair layer by layer and blow dry, so that the cycle is blow-dry. If you blow as usual, you will only find that the hair on the surface of the hair dries very quickly, while the hair on the inside is still very wet, which only makes the outer hair become drier.

2. Blow the hair root first

Hair-blowing roots have many benefits, the first of which is that it can make hair look fluffier and appear flowier. Secondly, blowing the hair root can avoid the hair of hair root from remaining at the end of the hair, which will only do useless work. Moreover, if blowing the hair tail will cause some damage to the hair tail, first blow the hair root, let the hair end dry naturally, and you can see the damage to the hair tail by blowing above.

3. The hair dryer should be kept at a certain distance from the scalp

The hair dryer should be kept at a distance of about 15cm from the hair to avoid letting it touch the hair, too close will cause hair heat damage, and this needs to be paid special attention to when blowing.

4. Hair dryer move

Hair dryer movement means that do not keep one place all the time, shake the hair dryer up and down and left and right so that the hair is heated evenly and balanced. Many people will make the mistake that the hair dryer is stationary when blowing an area, so that because the heat is concentrated in one part will easily cause hair damage. To eat hair, you have to play with your hair with one hand and shake the hair dryer with the other.

5. Don't blow backwards

Make the hair scales open, and blowing in the direction of hair growth will make the hair scales close. Blowing backward will only cause the hair scales to open, which will seriously damage the hair and cause the hair to become more and more frizzy. Blow along the hair from top to bottom, and the hair will become smooth and shiny.