Hair salon essential equipment list guide

Hair salon essential equipment list guide
Sep 30, 2020admin
To run a hair salon properly, you need the right tools and equipment. Your salon tools must be able to meet the most difficult needs of your busy workday and your clients, and furniture needs to do both and look great at the same time. For beginner salon owners, we have put together a list of the most important equipment for hair salons that you cannot live without. Once your salon is fully equipped with business facilities, you will be ready to handle the busy workday of professional hairdressers.


Styling Chair

Starting with the most important salon furniture, the centerpiece of the salon will be the modeling chair. When buying salon chairs, put the comfort of your customers first. Your clients will sit in this chair for the entire process of styling your hair, so make sure it's easy to sit still. If you plan to style your hair for children, you may also need to buy a booster seat for your chair. The material of the chair seat should be easy to clean and disinfect.

You also want to make sure that the hydraulic pump can handle the pressure that will occur during daily working hours. Having faulty or cheap hydraulic pumps on the styling chair can create more problems than it's worth. For example, authentic Japanese engineering chair pumps at the Tasalon can withstand weights of up to 700 pounds and are made of high-quality materials. Make sure your chair manufacturer is trustworthy and provide information about their hydraulic pumps when asking.

Styling Station

The salon's styling station stores all your important tools, accessories and is usually equipped with a mirror. The wet station will offer the option to attach the shampoo sink to it, saving valuable space. When choosing a workstation, consider how much storage your salon needs to run. You may need a large modeling station with drawers and cabinets, or a small portable workstation with only a few drawers and drying racks.

Choosing the perfect styling station to match your salon aesthetic can be difficult, but looking at all your options when shopping online can help you decide. Our hair salon station catalog offers a variety of styles to suit your business needs and budget for any salon sale.

Shampooing Station

Part of your job as a hairstylist is to wash and condition your client's hair before styling. Wet hair is necessary for the right haircut, and the right salon shampoo station will keep the client comfortable while you scrub your scalp. If you have a wet station, you may only need a shampoo bowl and spray hose and any screws needed to connect the bowl to the station.

For salons with space, special areas dedicated to the entire shampoo unit will provide better business processes. The customer's hair can be washed when another customer is styling at the styling station. The shampoo unit can be attached with a luxurious chair or lounge chair for the most relaxing shampooing experience. The sink can also be freestanding, allowing you to move your own salon chair to it.

Hairdryer and Dryer Chair

After finishing a client's haircut, you need to dry their hair to complete the styling. A professional salon-grade hair dryer allows you to control the heat so you don't damage your client's hair.
Handheld hair dryers usually come with different nozzles to direct the flow of hot air. The first thing to remember about hair dryers is control. The more control you have over your dryer, the better.
A hair dryer chair with a hooded hair dryer allows for quick and careful drying of hair. They can also help speed up the hair coloring process.

Professional Salon Scissors and Electric Hair Clipper

No professional hairdresser doesn't have a few trusty pairs of salon scissors a day. You will need several pairs of your favorite scissors so that you can use them when the other pair is placed in the disinfectant. Your styling kit should also include short-blade scissors for detailing and fine-toothed scissors for thinning and texturing hair. If your blade is damaged, replace it immediately.
For short hair clients, you will need an electric hair clipper for close-up shaving. Hair clippers can help clean up hair growing at the end of the head where the back of the head meets the neck, and they don't have to be just for buzzing or undercuts.

Combs and Brushes

Each type of comb or brush is a must-have for a hair salon. Equip yourself with the most important brushes and combs and stock them up. Combs and brushes need to be sterilized like scissors after each use, so having multiple combs for each type of comb and brush as a spare will help your workflow. Round brushes are useful for combing and curling hair, while styling with a cushioned brush can help with tangled hair. A brush with vents allows air to pass through while blow-drying the hair, thus increasing the volume of the hair.
As for the comb, keep many different sizes of combs. Fine-toothed combs are suitable for short, fine hair, while round-toothed combs can be used for thicker hair.

Reception Furniture

Your waiting room should reflect positively on your business. A comfortable reception room will provide your clients with a relaxing space while waiting for an appointment. Provide customers with comfortable seating and coffee tables to store drinks. Create a stylish, comfortable atmosphere that attracts people. The area always needs to be kept clean and maintained. Your reception should make your business look formal, handling money and appointments at the same time. If you have space, add shelves for sponsored hair care products or accessories.

Other Accessories

There are many other types of salon accessories that may be specific to the needs of your hair salon, but the most important of these is a waterproof haircut cape. These capes prevent hair from being removed from the client's clothing and allow it to slide directly onto the floor for easy cleaning. Your salon needs a vacuum cleaner to handle all the hair in your business every day. Some vacuum devices allow hair to be swept directly into it!
The Tasalon specializes in getting the trusted salon equipment you need at an affordable price. Check out our catalogue to inspire your hair salon design.