Hairdresser extension to have innovation!

Hairdresser extension to have innovation!
Mar 12, 2023admin

Hairdressers should be innovative!

Whether it is for the beauty salon, hair salon, nail salon and so on, since the shop is open for business, of course, we need customers to consume in the shop, in order to maintain the survival and development of the shop. In view of the increasing number of hairdressing franchise stores, many operators began to reflect on how to stand out in such fierce competition? This needs to take certain strategies and methods. Now by OTHERS Ou Quan styling senior lecturer to bring you about the hair salon nine extension means, hope to help your business.

1. Launch Business Manager

As hairdressers become more and more standardized, the division of labor in their stores tends to be clear. In every hairdressing franchise, there are sales. Because for customers, there are two categories, one is to know their own needs, and the other is potential consumers, this kind of customers need us to dig deep into their needs. Since there is a sales component, the operator can introduce a business manager. Select a sales representative and assign the corresponding position and responsibilities.

2. Customer division

Because everyone's consumption ability and consumption habits are not the same, so there are differences in customer demand. For white-collar workers, they can launch high-end packages, because they have a certain amount of consumption power, but also tend to be more high-end in pursuit; And for students, because they are still in the stage of no economic sources, the hand of little money, so they can launch special meals. In addition, since the liberation of the mind, personalized consumption has gradually become the first choice for people to receive services, so it also requires operators to be able to subdivide customers, which can effectively ensure the development of later work.

3. Do group business

With the introduction of Meituan into people's life, hairdressing franchise stores should also adapt to the situation and introduce group buying into daily work. As we know, in the past, hairdressers were generally retail, and now obviously only this kind of situation can not adapt to the development of this society. Therefore, in addition to introducing group buying, it should also strengthen cooperation with other groups. This will not only bring sales to our stores, but also make customers realize the importance of beauty to us and enhance their personal temperament and charm.

4. Maintain old customers, attract new customers

When your hairdresser has been in business for a while, it will definitely have its own regular customers. We should maintain the old customers who are loyal to the hairdressing shop, and we can give them back by discounting and giving them away. If you don't take good care of your store's regular customers, it will affect the development of the entire store. However, hairdressing franchise operators should not only be satisfied with this, but also attract new customers on the basis of maintaining old customers. The attraction of new customers can be through publicity, or a series of activities and hair care seminars to let customers know you, understand you, and then choose to believe you!