Have you been hit by the three major misunderstandings in the management of the hair salon?

Have you been hit by the three major misunderstandings in the management of the hair salon?
May 28, 2023admin

Have you been hit by the three major misunderstandings in the management of the hair salon?

Nowadays, there are countless hair salons, but many of them have closed down because of poor management. But many well-managed hair salons have always been able to survive in the hairdressing industry. The biggest difference between the two is the problem of management, the former will have a lot of misunderstandings in management, the following editor will analyze the misunderstandings that are easy to appear in management.

1. Attach importance to the result over the process

Nowadays, many failed hair salons only focus on the results, but ignore the process. The manager of the hair salon does not care about the technology and service attitude of the staff, but only cares about how many customers come into the shop in a day and how much money the hairdresser makes today. The manager of the hair salon only pays attention to a few numbers given by the staff in the management, and has no understanding of the shortcomings and bright spots in the operation of the hair salon, so when the customers come to the shop again, they are still the same. The staff of the hairdressing shop have no room for improvement, and over time, customers naturally do not want to spend money in the store. In this way, the hair salon will close down because of mismanagement.

2. Attach importance to performance over character

When recruiting staff, the manager of the hair salon blindly pays attention to the sales ability of the staff, while completely neglecting the moral problem of the staff. Such a way to recruit employees is to pay attention to performance and completely ignore the character of employees. In the long run, the manager of the hair salon will find it difficult to manage this kind of staff, the moral character of the staff is not good, no matter how good the performance is in vain. If the staff of the hair salon is not well managed, it will naturally affect customers' impression of the hair salon, and customers will continue to lose.

3. Attach importance to appearance over substance

Now when some hair salons first open, they will make reference to other hair salons to formulate some in-store culture and related systems, but these are just copied, lacking the characteristics of their own hair salons. More importantly, the manager of the hair salon did not put these cultures and systems into practice in the management process, which is equivalent to a decoration of the hairdresser, which is not helpful to the management and operation of the hairdresser. Therefore, the hair salon must have its own characteristics, culture and system must have its own connotation, not just an empty shell. Only if the salon puts the culture and system into practice, then every employee in the salon will have a different mental outlook and working state.

The above three points are summarized by the editor about the misunderstandings that will occur in the process of hairdressing shop management. If you want to manage a hairdressing shop well, you must bypass these misunderstandings.