How a child-friendly hair salon operates

How a child-friendly hair salon operates
Sep 27, 2022admin
If you want to serve children in a salon, there are many things you can do to make your business more kid-friendly. Making these small changes will get customers excited and give more parents the opportunity to bring their children for haircuts. Here are some ways to run a kid-friendly hair salon.

Offer Children’s Haircuts

The first way to run a child-friendly hair salon is to offer a children's haircut service. Not every salon offers a child-friendly service, so you'll want to let customers know that the option is available. Make sure to advertise that you provide haircuts for children. You can even offer special discounts, especially during the school year, as parents often want their children to get haircuts for school picture days and other school-related events. In addition to haircuts, you can also provide styling services for children.

Create Child-friendly Reception Areas

Creating a child-friendly reception area is another way to make your hair salon more appealing to children. Children tend not to be very patient and waiting for their turn to cut their hair can be challenging, especially for younger children. Therefore, it is beneficial to include child-friendly activities, toys and reading materials in your reception area. For example, you can offer toy cars, dolls, playing cards, children's books, and magazines. You can even stream children's TV channels for them to watch while waiting for an appointment.

Engage With Them During Appointments

The third way to run a child-friendly salon is to interact with your child during the appointment. Children may not always want to sit still when they get a haircut, especially if they are much younger.
Therefore, it helps to talk to them through their appointments. Talk to them and ask them what they like to do, how is the school going, or what their favorite movie is. Once a child is engaged, they are more likely to enjoy their date and sit still, allowing you to successfully cut and style your hair.
Now that you know how to make your hair salon more kid-friendly, you can use these strategies today. With a range of salon waiting room furniture for the whole family, Tasalon will be the perfect complement to your child-friendly space.