How do hairdressers live without retaining regular customers?

How do hairdressers live without retaining regular customers?
Oct 05, 2022admin

How do hairdressers live without retaining regular customers?

For hairdressing shops, being good at retaining customers is also an art, as long as you meet the needs of customers and provide quality services, your customers will continue to flow. How can hairdressers retain customers, gain customer satisfaction, and win customer loyalty? The following methods are available for reference.
The Five Senses Method ------ Trick to Retain Customers
How to live without retaining old customers?

1、Sense of respect

Being respected by others is the number one need of hairdresser customers. Our staff should maintain a good posture and smile from greetings when guests enter the store, sitting down, pouring water, consultation, hairdressing, etc. Don't look around when talking to guests, concentrate, and use different polite words according to the age of the guests, so that the guests always have a sense of respect. The problems raised by customers should be solved in a timely manner, and guests should not be left out of the cold.


If you want to win customers, you must make customers feel superior. Regardless of the living situation of customers who come to the hairdressing shop, they must let customers experience high-quality service and satisfy their sense of superiority. The higher the decoration grade of the hairdressing shop, the more proud customers will come to this hairdressing shop, so store decoration is one of the magic weapons of hairdressing shop operation. On the other hand, employees must dress appropriately and neatly, and do not wear expensive jewelry, which can also set off the customer's sense of superiority from the side.

3、Sense of security

Professional hairdressers will provide a separate service place for VIPs, so that customers can feel safe and relax. We may wish to set up a part of the independent space in the hairdressing shop, where guests can release their own pressure without worrying about others knowing their privacy, and at the same time let customers know that our products are of high quality and safety.

4, comfort

Whether to retain customers, in addition to technology, products, services and other factors, another important factor is to make customers have a sense of comfort, which requires the hairdressing shop to ensure a spacious space in the store design, so as not to make customers feel oppressed.
How to live without retaining old customers?


People are happy when they are praised and affirmed by others, so our hairdressers must be good at conversation and learn to praise. A heartfelt word of praise can make people feel like a spring breeze and feel happy. Of course, praise should be measured, otherwise it will backfire.
The above methods are very practical and can solve many problems encountered in the operation of hairdressing shops.