How does the salon select the management talent

How does the salon select the management talent
Mar 24, 2023admin
At present, the hairdressing industry has a serious brain drain, and hairdressing shops are often faced with the problem of talent shortage. Especially, it is more difficult to recruit the right management personnel, and because of the high requirements for management personnel, one's carelessness may have a serious impact on the future development of hairdressing shops. So, how should hairdressing shops select management personnel? Hairdresser franchise Xiaobian gives the following insight.
If we want to select talents, the first thing we should consider is how to recruit and manage talents. Then, what are the main recruitment channels for hairdressers?
(1) Direct recruitment of hair salon managers through competition in the same industry or poaching of corners is also one of the recruitment channels. Now many large enterprises are recruiting talents in this way.
(2) Hairdressing industry recruitment website. Now, due to the rapid development of hairdressing industry, enterprises related to the hairdressing industry are also driven up, especially professional hairdressing industry recruitment enterprises and recruitment companies.
(3)through the special recruitment platform recruitment, because now the Internet is very developed, so the Internet recruitment is much easier than the real recruitment, and the probability of success will be greater.
(4) To recruit salon managers through the talent market, because the talent market is a good concentration of talents, you can choose the talents needed by your own salon.
Then, after we know the specific recruitment channels, we should consider the recruitment interview selection problem, first of all, we need to formulate the corresponding interview process, such as a one-time interview or a preliminary interview and a final interview; Are they interviewing mainly for professional questions or for managerial skills; Whether we're looking for someone who's innovative and agile or someone who's experienced and defensive and so forth.
Only when we decide what kind of management talents we want to recruit and select, can we conduct targeted interviews and assessments. After planning these, we can determine who is to interview the management personnel. For the management personnel and hairdressers, we should treat them differently. It is definitely inappropriate to ask a hairdresser to interview a store manager, not only because the hairdresser is not competent enough, but also because using a lower-level person to interview a higher-level person will make the interviewer feel that he is not valued, which will lead to dissatisfaction.
Of course, the selection of managers of hairdressing shops should be a matter of importance, and hairdressing shop owners must have an in-depth understanding of the corresponding personnel before deciding whether to hire them when selecting, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.