How many hairdressers don't know the service process!

How many hairdressers don't know the service process!
Oct 02, 2022admin

How many hairdressers don't know the service process!

For non-hairdressing professional investors, many managers want to know what the formal service process of hairdressing shops is. In fact, the process of each storefront is more or less different, but the framework is basically the same. Starting today, I will share with you the various service processes of hairdressing shops. If you learn a little every day, you can grow a little!

How many hairdressers don't know the service process!

Reception process:

1. Station door: The station door is divided into double and single, usually if not busy when the two are the best, standing at the door should face the door 45 degrees, familiar with the entire environment and situation in the store, in order to guide the guests to the appropriate position to sit. The station door is usually the assistant's position, if all the assistants are busy, can the designer go to the station door? Can the store manager go to the station gate? Because of this, customers will feel more cordial, and they can better appreciate that the culture of this store is different from other stores, its word of mouth will spread farther, and the brand effect should be stronger. The staff standing at the door can also greet potential customers outside the store with "Hello Sir" and "Hello Miss".

2. Take a seat: When the guest enters the door, you can hear the reception words and open the door at the same time: "Welcome to XX store, sir, miss, how many people?"

3. "Please come inside" "Please follow me, please sit here" When customers pass by other employees, each employee will greet the moving customer. If guests are wearing coats, backpacks, rain gear, they should leave them in the hanging and bag storage areas, and inform guests to take out valuables such as mobile phones, wallets, important documents, etc.

4、Help the guest pull out a chair and say "Miss, sir, please sit" and cooperate with the gesture.

5. "Hello Miss, I am the No. 3 assistant of our store, my name is XX, I am honored to serve you today, this is the latest hairdressing magazine this month" hands to the customer, the next is to prepare the drink, "Miss, please ask you whether to drink black tea or boiled water" boiled water is usually warm water, when passing water generally stand on the left of the guest, the right hand is down, and the left hand is on the top hand to the guest. It is usually said, "Miss, this is your boiling water, be careful to scald it." ”

6. "Miss, what project do you need to do today?" Want to do a new look, right? So do you have a designated hairstylist, it doesn't matter, I'll help you introduce a very good hairstylist, please wait, I'll help you get a hairstylist, let you get to know each other first, okay?" Be sure to have a 2-minute pause in between, and let the hairstylist prepare their own hair book and the latest hair information to communicate with customers. The hairstylist must be at the customer's side within one minute, both designated and unassigned. "Miss, this is the hairstylist I just introduced to you, his name is XX."

7. Designers regardless of new and old customers should analyze the hair quality for them, choose the hair lotion that the scalp adapts to on the day, and analyze the hairstyle, and leave a personal hairstyle album before leaving the customer, so that customers can refer to their favorite hairstyles, so that they can communicate only (refer to the hairstylist one-minute service method).

How many hairdressers don't know the service process!

8. When the assistant or designer completes the design for the customer, you should take the initiative to take the guest to the cash register enthusiastically, when the customer buys the order, the assistant should be satisfied with my service today? If there is any lack of service, I will humbly accept it, and the hairstylist will ask: Miss, are you satisfied with the style I designed for you? Do you have an opinion on this? Please put forward your valuable comments, so that we can correct it next time, leave your contact information, this is the phone number of our store XXXXXX. If you go back and don't take care of it, call or you come over, and I'll teach you how to take care of it or fix it.

It is best for the assistant and hairstylist to bow together 45 degrees to show their appreciation. And say thank you for your visit, welcome to come on behalf of your friends next time, XXX store is looking forward to your visit! Goodbye!