How to improve management and avoid suicidal vicious competition!

How to improve management and avoid suicidal vicious competition!
Mar 02, 2023admin
How to improve management and avoid suicidal vicious competition!
I don't know if you have found that more and more old stores around them are hovering on the verge of closure, and then eliminated by the market. Many people began to think, the reason, why? Is it that the risk of opening a store is getting higher and higher? Or is the level of hairstylists collectively declining? Or is it vicious competition in the market? Today, we will analyze the inevitable cause of death of store closure, and hope that hairdressing shop owners will be vigilant and improve their operations.

1. Poor management

Poor management refers to the occurrence of business processes, and refers to the mistakes or mistakes in operation that cause adverse economic effects. This is an evaluation of the consequences of a person or company's operations. Sometimes, we find that the location of the hairdressing shop is good, its decoration and projects are good, and the brand distributed has a certain degree of popularity, but the business is average. What is the reason for this? In fact, we can find the reason from the inside of the store: the owner of the hairdressing shop also presents "three days of fishing and two days of drying the net", but he does not know how to operate the hairdressing franchise store, which is manifested as: there is no clue in managing customers, formulating promotion methods, assigning staff work, etc., so it is impossible to implement effective measures; Hairdressing franchise store employees work without passion and upward spirit. In the long run, hairdressing franchise stores will face the end of closing.

2.vicious competition

The so-called vicious competition is also called "suicide vicious competition, vicious competition", "destructive competition" or "destructive competition" in foreign economic literature. For hairdressing franchise stores, the common method is price war, and the use of promotions to drive the growth of turnover! We all know that although frequent promotions will bring a steady flow of customers to the hairdressing shop in the short term, it is not conducive to the long-term development of the store, but will make the business in the store more and more cold, so that the profit in the store is getting thinner and thinner! Under this tired business method, with the continuous loss of the hairdresser team, customers are also increasingly lost, and the weaker hairdressing shops have transferred and closed!

3. do not understand innovation

For a hairdressing franchise store, high-quality technology is important, but only technology is not innovative, and in the end, there is no way to improve the profit in the store. As a hairstylist, having the expertise can help realize your value. If we want to serve consumers well, we need to cultivate hairdressers' stronger professional capabilities and constantly innovate to solve the various needs and problems of consumers' hairstyles. On this basis, hairdressers must have professional knowledge as a backing, theory and practice combined, only to continuously meet customer needs, create more added value, so as to win the trust and respect of customers.