How to open a new hairdressing shop, Tasalon offers you a trick

How to open a new hairdressing shop, Tasalon offers you a trick
Mar 27, 2023admin

1 Send out leaflets

The purpose of the publicity page is to improve the exposure rate of the community hair salon, when the distribution to customers to explain the characteristics of the salon, as well as the effect. It's better to have a picture and a truth. Attract customers between 30 and 45 years old in the community, or it is the office workers in enterprises and institutions to work, will pay more attention to their appearance, so this part of the customer is better to do.

2 wechat circle propaganda

Publicize the opening of the salon in their own wechat circle, and can be forwarded by friends to expand the popularity of the salon.

3 Looking for property promotion

Register your salon at the property office and ask the property customer service staff to help advertise it or advertise it on the property publicity board. If the people in the community need hairdressing, you can go to your salon consumption. Of course, it is necessary to have a good relationship with the property, and even pay the relevant fees.

4 ways to publicize

Residential hairdressers can introduce their own hairdressers in some popular forums in the local area, and let more people know by the way of information wholesale.

5 Extension also includes lockers

Truly successful entrepreneurs, also include lockers. When customers come to their own store, after the consumption experience, must take the opportunity to do well. It is not only necessary to collect the information of every consumer, but also to make customers believe in themselves, be impressed by their own professional, and make hospitality with their own charm.
The beauty salon in the community is characterized by providing a quiet and warm environment, allowing guests to feel the warmth of home and VIP service of professionals. But the disadvantage is that the exposure rate is too low in the community, and the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the deep alley, so Xiaobian suggests that you must do a good job of publicity after the opening of the salon in the community.