If the salon had a thought flow!

If the salon had a thought flow!
Oct 08, 2022admin

There are three career paths for hairstylists, and the path of professional hairstylists is scientific and ideal.

The facts have proven that most hairstylists are more likely to achieve personal development and hair salon goals and achieve a win-win situation after operating customers as professional hair stylists.

Hair salon business customers need to have "process thinking"

If the salon has a thinking flow!_customer

From a business point of view, "business project" refers to what direction we want to take our store to; "Operating employees" refers to the direction we want to take our employees; Then "managing customers" is the same truth, it refers to what direction we want to take customers.

Many of our hair salon owners will fall into a variety of activity misunderstandings, a big reason is that we do not have systematic thinking, our thinking is only limited to a specific point in the meter, and do not know how these points are connected into lines, how these lines are connected into surfaces, and how these surfaces form a complete whole, so in the end can only have a headache to heal the head and feet, temporarily looking for some so-called painkillers, but deeper and deeper.

When we can stand at a certain height to look at a problem, we see the full picture of the whole problem, we see the hidden problem behind the problem, so that we can clearly know the entire process leading to our goal and direction, and every opportunity point that may exist in the process.

So I summarize one thing - for business customers, what we need is not "activity thinking", but "process thinking". An activity is a service to a process, it is just a secondary behavior embedded in a link. In other words, the event is just a kick in the door. Many of our hair salons put the cart before the horse, treating the event as a lifesaver for performance, and forgetting the process design.

How can performance cure all diseases?

Many education and training institutions have told hair salon owners a concept that "performance can cure all diseases". There is nothing inherently wrong with this concept, because without performance employees there is instability, and without performance employees there is no passion and state. However, some training institutions have not brought many of us salon owners into the right direction after digging out this pain point of the salon owner, but desperately designed some so-called activity plans and Kakin programs, packaging it as "such and such a model" and "such and such a system", in an attempt to completely revitalize this hair salon overnight, leaving a lot of sequelae waiting for this boss to gesture the endgame.

When we can calm down and operate each customer down-to-earth, the lifetime value of customers can be tapped out by us, and the premise of all this comes from our concept of "point-to-point management" and the long-term establishment of trust relationship with our customers.

If the salon has a thought flow!_customer

Why do I repeatedly emphasize the importance of Customer Profiles? The root cause is that we are able to clearly plan every point of contact we have with our clients through a clear plan with the archives, and each connection point is an opportunity for us to build and increase our trusting relationship with her.

More importantly, when we take every time we build a trust relationship with our customers, our thinking perspective will change, and we will gradually shift our thinking focus to "customer needs".

Since we want to establish a long-term connection with our customers, we will do everything we can to explore her needs, and we will understand his real needs more deeply. When we can help her solve one problem after another, in turn our ability will grow faster, which is really a change in the essence of "from quantity to quality"!