It's a cliche about how hairdressers are managed!

It's a cliche about how hairdressers are managed!
Jan 02, 2023admin

It's a cliche about how hairdressers are managed!

Operation is management, whether a store operates well or not, not only depends on how the performance is, how profitable it is; It is also necessary to pay attention to the management issues within the enterprise. The hairdressing industry is a fast-growing industry, and naturally there are many people who invest in this industry, so it is no longer easy to open a store and make money. For any business, making money is not so easy, nowadays the competition in all walks of life is fierce, the troubles of operators are increasing, and how to run their own stores well has become a problem for many people. How do I manage my storefront? Where to start?

1. Personnel management

Personnel management is the responsibility of the store manager, as a manager, as the manager of a store, not to put up a shelf, but also need to pay attention to the affairs of the hairdressing shop, for the personnel allocation should be arranged in place. Don't take everything on yourself, the store manager must also have the appearance of the store manager, don't be the store manager, and the hairstylist, and the cashier, all aspects of the store are you have to take care of it yourself, which will only increase your troubles, and there is no time to take care of so many things, and in the end the efficiency of doing things will be reduced.

A store, at least the division of labor should be clear, there should be cashiers and technical directors. Reducing your stress will also make customers feel that the hairdresser is a large, disciplined team, and it will also make a good impression of you.

2. Store management

Store management is operation management plus personnel management. As a manager, you must have a certain insight, don't keep thinking about your own business. Know how to observe some changes in employees, understand employees' joys and sorrows. Integrate into the community and set an example for employees. The second is to strengthen the capabilities of employees, whether it is technical or service. The store manager should regularly arrange staff training to improve the comprehensive quality of employees. It also lays a good foundation for the operation of hairdressing shops.

3, the service attitude of employees

It is very important to manage employees, especially the attitude of employees in the process of serving customers, and the working attitude of an employee directly affects the reputation of the hairdressing shop. Hairdressing shops rely on service to win, so managers must pay attention to service, and cannot spoil a pot of soup with a rat poop. Therefore, when managing the attitude of employees to customer service, it is necessary to be strict and always keep in mind the essentials of service. Smiling is a window to open people's hearts, good service will give customers good feedback, but also accumulate a good reputation.

4. Customers

Customer management is the understanding, recording and subsequent feedback of customer information by hairdressing shops. Every time a customer comes, register the customer's information. The customer's information is the "treasure" of the hairdresser. With information, each future hairdresser event can effectively use these resources to open up more customers. It is conducive to the better development of hairdressing shops in the future.