Talk about hairdressing shops' skills to improve performance

Talk about hairdressing shops' skills to improve performance
Mar 14, 2023admin

Talk about hairdressing shops' skills to improve performance

The quality of hairdressing shop operation and service is one of the most concerned issues, but many operators rarely conduct in-depth research and comprehensive practice. Based on the general short-sighted attitude of hairdressing shop managers, everyone is willing to talk about topics such as "promotion" and "discount". However, as an excellent hairdressing shop manager with a long-term vision, he should realize that the way of hairdressing salon operation requires continuous efforts to form a benign corporate development model, and the mature management model is "cloned" in each new store.

"Customer satisfaction" is the goal of improving service quality

At present, the general "customer satisfaction standard" of hairdressing shop managers is at this level: when the customer finishes spending, there is no complaint or refusal to settle the bill, and after paying the money, the hairdressing shop manager defaults to "customer satisfaction".

Does the fact that customers do not complain means that "customers are satisfied"?

Every customer who comes to the hairdressing shop to consume has an expectation before entering the store, that is, the customer will unconsciously compare and judge based on their own experience, such as: "want a hairstyle that meets professional habits", "want to become more fashionable", "hope that there is no waiting in line like before", "hope that the newly chosen hairdressing shop is better value than the previous hairdressing shop" and so on. Every customer's expectations are different at different times.

However, the actual service customers receive at the hairdresser often does not match their expectations. There is a gap between what customers expect from the service they expect and what they actually receive. That is, the closer the actual service is to customer expectations, the higher the service quality; The farther away the actual service is from customer expectations, the lower the quality of service. To improve the quality of our services is to bring our services closer to the expectations of our customers.

And how can hairdressers improve the quality of service?

1.Understand customer expectations;

2.Establish a reasonable service quality manual, i.e. service quality standards;

3.Guarantee that the service is implemented to a standard;

4.Ensure that the implementation of the service is consistent with the commitment to the customer;

Let's focus on the idea and framework of the "Service Quality Manual".

Customer expectations are fickle and cannot be fully grasped, but if we look at it from a competitive point of view, when we meet customer expectations better than competitors and stay ahead of competitors, it provides us with an easy shortcut to improve the quality of service.

Using competitors as a standard is an effective strategy for latecomers to prevail, but this strategy obviously does not work for frontrunners in regional competition and hairdresser managers who are determined to run "model shops", and they need to create their own evaluation system and keep making progress. Only after in-depth analysis of "customer expectations" and grasp of "customer expectations" can we improve the service of hairdressers and improve service quality.

In short, if a hairdressing shop wants to make a profit, it is necessary to improve the store management from all aspects, enhance the popularity of the store, and establish a set of personnel training programs and hairdressing shop management methods that do not affect the quality of service.