The reasons for the unsuccessful hairdressers are all themselves! _Industry_Opportunities for hairdressers

The reasons for the unsuccessful hairdressers are all themselves! _Industry_Opportunities for hairdressers
Oct 06, 2022admin

The reason for the unsuccessful hairdressing shop is all in itself!

Booming business is the most ideal state of every hairdressing shop, the cold and cold status quo is constantly hitting you, aside from the objective reasons, in fact, most of the reasons are on themselves, today specifically summarized 6 most likely to open hairdressing shops mistakes, hope to help you find out the problem, quickly correct, so that the hairdressing shop can embark on a healthy and fast profit road.

The reason for the unsuccessful hairdressing shop is all in itself!_Industry

I. Self-positioning error

Your positioning of yourself determines your status, where you focus your attention, you will become excellent in that place.

And often some of us don't know what we want, just

live day by day, don't know who you really are, what kind of person you want to become, even if you think about it is just a thought in your brain, a flash, and do not concentrate all your strength to do that kind of thing, as a result, you can only be the mediocre and ordinary you now.

II. Misdefining hairdressing

Many people join the hairdressing industry because of its low threshold, no matter what your education and skills are, you can easily join, of course, there is only one purpose to join, because it can earn money without spending any cost, I think people who have this idea may also include you. He does not regard hairdressing as a career of his own to invest his heart, when serving customers, he feels that he is making his money, rather than thinking that he is bringing him change and beauty, and if the work is not in place, he will naturally be weak and unconfident.

III. Frequent job-hopping

Job-hopping happens from time to time now, no matter what industry it is in, and it is even more common in the hairdressing industry. First of all, I think this is not a bad thing, maybe your existing environment does not play well to your strengths, maybe you can have better room for development, maybe different experiences can bring you more experience and problem-solving skills and methods.

But all of the above things are based on your own future has a very clear goal and life plan, just go with the flow, full of dissatisfaction with reality, always feel that everything will be different in a different environment, in fact, do not jump around easily when you have not yet recognized yourself, it is like a double-edged sword with good will help your development, with bad will also restrict your development, making you more confused and into pain.

IV. Do not love to learn

Due to the particularity of the hairdressing industry, the

general cultural level of people who enter the hairdressing industry is not very high, and naturally not loving to learn has become a common disease in this industry, and there is no habit of investing in learning. Think that is a waste of time, it is better to do two more jobs in the store and make some money.

In recent years, due to the pressure of market competition, many hairstylists began to choose to go out to study to make up for this deficiency, the hairdressing industry is a cutting-edge industry at the forefront of fashion, everyone is learning and improving in the 21st century, compared to nothing else, is how fast you learn and act. If you want to make money and want to develop faster than others, the most direct and effective way is to invest in learning from others to summarize the experience of five or ten years, and make yourself grow up quickly in a short time.

V. Blindly opening a store

I believe that being able to have your own store should be a dream of most hairstylists, many hairstylists are eager to try, hoping to save enough money to open their own store, always thinking that the store I will open in the future will not have problems with this store or that store, that's right! This is a good idea, and after working hard for several years to save money, I finally have a small shop of my own, and I have to face closure because of my own poor management or some kind of problem, and as a result, all the money goes into it, and I start from scratch again.

The reason for the unsuccessful hairdressing shop is all in yourself!_Industry

This is what I want to say, this has a lot to do with the positioning you give yourself at the beginning, you have to fully tap the brilliance of yourself, and support it at any time, let it grow and grow, if you are already a very good hairstylist, why do you have to do a field that you have never paid attention to - to be a manager?

If you want to open your own store, then you have to start thinking from the perspective of a manager, rather than focusing on technology, human energy is limited, in fact, the so-called geniuses in the world, they are only a genius in a unique field. Think clearly about your own position and then do what you want to do.

VI. Will not cooperate

Hairdressing has a long history of development, it is a very stable development of an industry, but it has not been valued by society, compared to listed companies, the hairdressing industry is also a handful. Why is such an industry not as fast as other nascent industries? One of the important reasons is the lack of cooperation. Many things are not a problem that can be solved by one person, are fighting in the nest, do not know how to complete resources, in fact, many powerful enterprises and companies have a solid team, the industry united forces will be infinite.

Having said that, as a hairstylist to limit your own development, compared to the above situation have you also done, try to change, avoid these things from happening to you, I believe you will become more confident! !