Town small and medium-sized hairdressers how to do activity planning

Town small and medium-sized hairdressers how to do activity planning
Mar 11, 2023admin

A perfect activity can not only bring more customers to the salon, but also promote the popularity of the salon, more can constantly summarize experience from the activity, to ensure that the next activity is more perfect. So how to do a good job of promotion is almost every boss pays special attention to the problem.

With the improvement of people's living standards, they begin to pay attention to spiritual enjoyment when meeting their physical needs. When the market has a demand, someone will meet the demand, and this is how hairdressers are formed. Now hairdressers on the market have gradually spread from the first-line coastal developed cities to the second and third-line small and medium-sized cities. The rapid development of hairdressers has a certain significance for improving the quality of people's life, but on the other hand, it also indicates that the competition between hairdressers is becoming increasingly fierce, so how do small and medium-sized hairdressers in towns and cities occupy their own advantageous position in the market? In fact, small and medium-sized town to join the salon in order to successfully expand customers must pay attention to each extension activities, and the activity planning is very particular about skills.

1. Accurately grasp the Consumption Psychology of urban residents

For small and medium-sized salons in cities and towns, they mainly face urban residents in need. Generally speaking, these consumers have different hairdressing needs from residents in coastal developed cities for their own reasons, so the activity planning of small and medium-sized salons in cities and towns must accurately grasp the psychology of consumers. The hairdressing needs of urban residents are to meet the basic hair care projects. They will pay more attention to the effect and safety of hairdressing projects, and the consumption level they can accept will be lower than that of urban residents. Therefore, small and medium-sized town to join the extension of the salon customer activities from preferential buying, gift product samples and other preferential activities as the main line, so as to greatly attract the eyes of customers.

2. Small and medium-sized hairdressers in cities and towns are mainly advertised by word of mouth.

Ordinary urban residents are quite familiar with each other, so they will habitually seek the opinions of others when making large amounts of consumption expenditure. In other words, small and medium-sized urban hairdressers want to gain a foothold in the local area, relying on the word-of-mouth publicity of the surrounding residents. Therefore, small and medium-sized urban hairdressers had better adopt the traditional way of publicity when planning the expansion activities. Such as distributing leaflets, participating in prizes, free experience, etc. As long as the publicity is in place, the extension activities can still enhance the popularity of joining the salon.

3. small and medium-sized town hairdressers to expand customer activities to pay more attention to practical prizes

Generally speaking, residents in towns who can go to hairdressers to spend are basically with good incomes, but at the same time they are not necessarily willing to invest too much in hairdressing, so they will pay more attention to cost performance. Therefore, the prizes set in the Tuoke activity can be simple and practical things or hairdressing shop products, projects and the like, if the hairdressing shop wants to launch a new project, it is best to adopt the "small profit but quick turnover" strategy, do not set too high a price threshold at the beginning. When everyone slowly recognizes the new project, the purpose of raising the price can be achieved by improving the grade of the project, so as to reap the benefits and word of mouth.