Use social media marketing to improve hair salon performance

Use social media marketing to improve hair salon performance
Mar 11, 2023admin
Use social media marketing to improve hair salon performance
When Facebook and WeChat become a must-have in mobile phones, it is no longer a simple social tool, but a sharp tool for business marketing; When new media gradually penetrates into various fields, traditional hairdressing shops should also learn to use "Internet thinking" to think about the needs of users, as long as you do a good job in Facebook WeChat marketing, not only convenient for customer management, your hairdressing shop is not popular Oh! Today I will share with you the powerful advantages of Facebook and WeChat marketing Tuoke!
How does a hairdresser increase sales? There are no more than three ways: 1. Increase the number of your customers. 2. Increase the unit price of customers. 3. Increase repeat customers.
Kind is what 90% of hairdressers like to do, and their straightforward and common idea is that the number of customers increases, and the revenue increases.
However, this is where more money is spent, but not where profits are generated. What really gets you money is the second one. However, to make your business easier, it depends on the third. The question is, why do customers have time to come to your salon? Why come more than once or twice a month? You can't call customers twice in three days, can you? That's the charm of new marketing. The affordable marketing plan of "WeChat public platform + Facebook" has been released.
Facebook itself is a media platform, with content as the core, more used to publish information such as hair care, styling and dressing, and is a social platform for handling relationships; Since its birth, WeChat has been an emotional social platform built with customer relationship as the core. On Facebook, information is the focus, and users are both publishers and receivers; On WeChat, the focus is on people, and communication between people is the focus. Therefore, the functions of Facebook and WeChat are different.
WeChat Official Platform is a free and easy-to-use CRM tool. WeChat itself is a communication tool, whether text, pictures, sound, links, geographical location are easy to grasp, the connection is very powerful. WeChat provides a public platform, you can manage the information sent by users on the PC, and the feedback is also very good. What's more, the WeChat public account is a "broadcast" when sending information, and "one-on-one" when receiving information, which is perfect for CRM work in hairdressing shops.
At the same time, Facebook and WeChat online customer service not only have low service costs, but also flexible service methods, which meet the needs of modern people's lives. Therefore, the core idea of doing a good job in back-end marketing is one sentence: "Show your QR code, Facebook account and WeChat ID everywhere possible." "For example, on posters in the store, on the mirror table, on the official website, on Facebook, all write Facebook WeChat subscription methods. Write a unified telephone appointment hotline for hairdressers on the signature files of Facebook and WeChat, and use the new online customer service platform of "Facebook and WeChat", and let users easily consult services at zero distance by sending Facebook private messages and voice WeChat.
Facebook and WeChat marketing is a process of accumulating assets, and the potential in the later stage is very large. If your hairdresser can also apply these to management, I believe that your store will be doing well.