What are the preliminary preparations for opening a hairdressing shop?

What are the preliminary preparations for opening a hairdressing shop?
Apr 06, 2023admin

To do anything well, preparation is essential. Especially for opening a hairdressing shop, the preliminary market research is also particularly important, in order to avoid the franchised store hairdressing shop in the future operation of the problem encountered, Ang's styling based on 23 years of experience in operating hairdressing shop franchise stores, summarized the following points.

Environmental traffic survey

The choice of hairdressing shops generally pays attention to "becoming a city", because the bustling area, the endless flow of shops, and the high popularity of the place also means that the business is more likely to prosper. Take care to avoid places around you that have garbage and strange smells. In addition to the environment, customers are also more concerned about whether the transportation is convenient, whether the parking is convenient after the customer arrives at the store, whether the transportation of goods is convenient, whether it is convenient to take other means of transportation to get here, etc., these factors will also affect the choice of hairdressing shop customers.

Competitor surveys

The so-called "know yourself and know the other, a hundred battles will not be lost", before opening a hairdressing shop, you can collect information about the surrounding hairdressing shops, such as what are the promotional activities they often do, what are the hairdressing shop business projects, what are the product prices, what customers like their hairdressing shops, these things are conducive to you to make more accurate judgments of competitive product items and prices after mastering.

Consumer group survey

Densely populated places are generally school districts, commercial districts, and residential areas. It is better to choose to open a hairdressing shop in a commercial area, the flow of people in the commercial area is large, the income is relatively high, and the efficiency of opening a store should not be too bad. The rent of commercial areas is generally higher, and when funds are limited, residential areas are also a good choice, and the overall consumption is relatively stable, which is conducive to the development and maintenance of old customers.

Customer surveys

Before opening a hairdressing shop, you can help managers determine their own business scope, input costs and other specific problems through questionnaire surveys. The specific questions of the questionnaire mainly include what consumers want to open a new hairdressing shop, what are the requirements for the environment, the grade of the store, the business hours of the desired hairdressing shop, the variety of hairdressing products, and the service level.

To open a popular salon, franchisees need to have a detailed positioning of their salon. Through the investigation of the above four aspects, I believe you already have a clear idea and can make your own positioning. This is only the first step of a long march, want to run the hairdressing shop better, there is still a lot of work to be done, Ang's styling has been in the hairdressing industry for 23 years, if you have any questions you can contact our investment teacher, we look forward to your exchange and consultation.