Where does 80% of the profits of hairdressers come from _Barbershop gross margin

Where does 80% of the profits of hairdressers come from _Barbershop gross margin
Dec 23, 2022admin

Where does 80% of the profits of hairdressers come from

Today, I will share with you where most of the profits of hairdressing shops come from.

I don't know if you have heard of the principle of the law of twenty-eight. 80% of the company's profits come from 20% of regular customers. This means that most of the profits of a company come from a small number of old customers, of course, these old customers are not ordinary customers, most of them are high-end people, and their consumption can be equivalent to the consumption of several small customers.

So what kind of consumers can be called high-end customers?

Where does 80% of the profits of hairdressers come from

1. The most intuitive thing is to consume more. Every time such customers come to the store, the consumption is very expensive, and they have money and are willing to spend it on themselves, for personal image. The most important thing is that the cumulative volume is large over time. Such customers in hairdressers can gradually grow into large customers.

2. Have the right to speak. There is usually one person in several women who speaks the most authoritatively, and as soon as she exits, everyone else will listen to her advice. She is the leader among these people, has a lot of influence, and if she is recognized by this type of customer, she does not have to worry about turnover.

3. Follow the trend. In this society there is always a group, yes, yes, young people, although their consumption level is not very high, but the emphasis is on many people, a small customer has nothing to say, but for new fashion hairstyles, for their taste, they are also willing to spend, they are the main force, are early adopters, interested in new things. They can also bring a lot of profit

So how do hairdressing shops attract high-end customers to consume


1. Standardization

Combine your own projects to develop standardized high-end packages to serve high-end customers.

Second, high service

For high-end customers, we should specially formulate high-end service processes to give customers a sense of superiority, thoughtful and responsible service.

Third, build a brand

Mostly build an image for the brand, improve his popularity, popularity, word of mouth, increase popularity by holding activities, preferably have sponsors, and can also ally with other fields of the beauty industry.

Where does 80% of the profits of hairdressers come from

Fourth, professional enough

Sometimes attracting such customers, in addition to good service quality, but also the professionalism of hairdressers, with professional technology to serve customers, which is the experience and effect that most high-end customers care about the most, if they are good enough, they are not afraid of no customers.

Not only hairdressing points need to have a group of high-end customers, in fact, all walks of life also need it. It can not only ensure that the turnover of hairdressing shops has objective income, but also form a word-of-mouth effect. The real profit comes from that small group of customers. Did you learn?