Why plan to change salon furniture frequently

Why plan to change salon furniture frequently
Oct 08, 2020admin
In any case, furniture in a salon is not fragile, but it is still susceptible to common wear and tear or damage. Your salon will encounter many different people throughout the workday, and dirty, damaged, or aging furniture can negatively affect their perception of you and your business.

To avoid customer dissatisfaction, you must know when and why to regularly and systematically replace salon furniture to ensure your customers' safety and make your business look more professional.

Worn Out and Way Past Its Warranty

When your salon starts to get old, so will your furniture. If your salon furniture shows signs of aging, it loses the fashion appeal that most customers crave when they enter your store. Some furniture, such as salon chairs with cloth or leather chairs, is easy to refurbish rather than replace them. For salon chairs, first check if the hydraulic pump is still working properly. If it's perfect, then you might be able to keep the rest of the chair! If the pump breaks or the frame of the chair is damaged beyond repair, it may be time to replace the chair.

Other signs of age that you should look out for include porcelain chips in the washbasin, damaged counters or stains, sticky drawers, or irreparable electrical problems from years of use.


Sometimes, unfortunate things happen that can damage or destroy your salon furniture. When your furniture becomes a victim of an accident, you must replace it for the safety of you and your salon patrons. Damage can also occur when a piece of furniture is cheap to manufacture, especially with fragile hydraulic pumps. Our salon chairs and barber chairs feature high-quality hydraulic pumps made in Japan that last longer than anything else in the industry.
Usually, the furniture manufacturer's warranty will cover these types of accidents. While most salon furniture sellers only offer a one- to three-year warranty, we offer a three- to five-year warranty on our high-quality salon furniture at the Salon Equipment Center. If any damage occurs, we will cover you.

Your Furniture No Longer Matches Your Theme

Even if you properly maintain your salon furniture for many years after opening, sometimes it does not satisfy you or the salon's personality. Maybe your salon doesn't match because you bought some used ones and took whatever you could get to get started; Now that your business has been successful, it's time to focus on your aesthetic. You and your customers shouldn't be the only beauty in the salon – keeping the interior stylish is a big reason why you should replace your salon furniture.
Let Tasalon beautify your salon, buy updated luxury furniture at wholesale salon equipment prices, and your interior will be put together like clockwork.