Could you tell me whether this haircut scissors are used flat or vertical?

Could you tell me whether this haircut scissors are used flat or vertical?
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The use of hairdressing tool scissors

The use of hairdressing tool scissors 1) scratched in the tail of the hair, the hair is cut alternately, which can soften the texture of the hair and reduce the weight of the tail.

The method is the same as that of ordinary scissors, except that the hair is not cut at once, but moved sequentially and trimmed in segments. For example: a cut at the root of the hair, two cuts in the hair, and a few more cuts at the end of the hair.

When operating, the hand with the scissors should also hold the comb. Put the scissors in the palm of your hand and hold the comb with your thumb and index finger. To expand the history and development of ancient China's ancient ancestors believed that hair was received by parents and could not be shaved off casually, so they kept their hair long or curled.

Is the crescent scissors for a haircut vertical or horizontal when used?

(show courseware three: wool scissors, crescent scissors, willow leaf scissors, dot scissors, flying swallow scissors.) (design intention) to enhance students' understanding of paper-cut art through comparative observation.

Khan, that is based on the dog. Have you ever heard of crescent scissors.

What does the barber mean by flat cut and broken cut when girls cut their hair?

The purpose of a flat haircut is to cut your hair straight and flat. The zigzag scissors are used to cut or thin hair and also to break hair, the two must have different uses. If there is only one use for measuring scissors, it is a haircut. If he divides it, it means that the two uses must be different.

A haircut is a kind of broken hair style to be done when you get a haircut. The shape of broken hair is uneven and full of layers. Broken hair styling can make the back of the head of boys and girls who are not so flat appear fuller. The hairstyle is hierarchical and uneven. To put it simply, it means to cut your hair in different lengths.

And do not want to cut neatly, then use tooth scissors, because the effect of tooth scissors is to make the end of the bangs appear some irregular small teeth broken shape, and the whole bangs can also be thin, so as not to appear bloated. The main function of tooth shearing is to thin hair, and the main function of flat cutting is to cut short hair.

Flat scissors are ordinary scissors. Unlike tooth scissors, they are knife-shaped on both sides. The main function of flat haircut is to help MM cut their hair short, but it doesn't have any other effect. However, in daily life, we generally use flat shears more, while tooth scissors are only used in special circumstances.

"cut the head" means to make the hair thin and cut the hair into pieces. Broken hair should be one of boys' favorite hairstyles, and it is also the most popular hairstyle for boys. If a long-faced boy has his hair cut, it is best to make a three-dimensional hairstyle, and a long-faced boy with a short haircut is the ideal choice.